Wednesday, 6 March 2013

I Got Three Stars!

"I always thought I wasn't any good at maths, but I had fun and was able to answer more than I thought! I got 3 stars!"

Parents showed a real sense of enjoyment and achievement at our Maths Open Afternoon!

Over 120 parents, grandparents and family friends came to see how we teach maths and how children learn. We gave them number, algebra, data, logic, shapes, problem solving, practical challenges, games, "computer" maths to name but a few things!

Everyone worked hard, faced challenges, made their brains work and 100% of the comments we received were positive! Lots of parents also said what fun maths was! Who would have thought that?!

Our aim was to help families understand their children when they do maths homework, talk about methods and use different strategies and vocabulary to those they learned at school...

As one parent commented..."I wish I could have learned this way when I was at school!"


Mrs Miller said...

A very interesting afternoon which provided an insight into how maths is taught across year groups 3-6. I now need to practice my mental maths to keep up with the children!

georgia said...

hi i loved the maths afternoon i was talking for ages about sumdog it was fun. georgia