Saturday, 21 July 2012

Friday, 20 July 2012

Year 6 Prom

Year 6 have now left, but not before they had their Leavers' Prom...

The photo albums below will come alive during the evening!

Arcadia Cleans Up!

Arcadia was awarded the Oakwood Junior School House Cup in our special Celebration Assembly this morning!

On 30,500 House Points, they were a mere 950 ahead of Oriana, which is a really tight win - after all, 117,250 were awarded in total this academic year!

Congratulations to Arcadia, who have made it a double this year, winning the Sports Day Trophy as well!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Year 6 - Going for Gold!

There were floods of tears tonight - and that was just from parents and staff - as Year 6 performed Going For Gold, their look back at their time at Oakwood Junior School...

They remembered their teachers and other members of staff, their trips and visits, their dreaded SATs, but most of all, they remembered the fun times and the friends they have made.

Sandwiched between the sketches and songs, they showed us two videos which you can watch again here, which give a real flavour of their time with us.

Us Against The World...

Oak House and Knapp House

Goodbye, Year 6! We will miss you!

Hello Mummy!

Year 5 have been learning about the process of mummification in Ancient Egypt.

To share their findings with a wider audience, they have made Photo Stories.

This involves writing a script, taking photos to illustrate the process and then recording a commentary.

They have shown off their historical research skills and their ICT expertise!

Oakwood's Got Talent!

Oakwood staged its annual end-of-year talent show yesterday and, as usual, there was a wide-ranging display of quality acts:

  • singers
  • rappers
  • dancers
  • gymnasts
  • sports players
  • musicians

For the seventh year running, Simon Cowell did not turn up -we're a bit fed up of asking him now - so he missed out on any signings he could make, especially this year's winners, The Chase!

The Olympic Torch comes to Southampton

The Olympic Flame came to Southampton over the weekend, and lots of our pupils joined the crowds to cheer on the torchbearers and celebrate in Mayflower Park on Saturday evening!

Some early birds even got up to see the torch on Sunday morning as it left Southampton at 6am!

(Thanks to Mrs Walker for the video!)

Friday, 6 July 2012

Loving the iPads

Mr Handley-Garland writes about seeing Year 3 using the new iPads - "Visiting a Year 3 class last week as part of the Governors’ day in school gave me the opportunity to see the newly acquired class iPads in action. While the children are no strangers to using the computers in the IT suite and at other locations around the school, the wireless touch screen devices bring the resources of the internet to their classroom desks. Some of the children demonstrated how they logged on and used the iPad’s Safari web browser to search for information on the famous American artist Andy Warhol as part of a project they were doing. I’m sure all the classes will find these a very useful addition to the school’s ITC equipment."

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Celebrating Our Houses!

Our Houses in Oakwood Junior School are named after four of the P&O Liners which sail from Southampton:

  • Arcadia
  • Aurora
  • Oceana
  • Oriana
Last night, all of our "House Liners" were in Southampton, along with Adonia, Ventura and Azura, to celebrate the 175th Anniversay of P&O. Despite the drizzle, it was a really impressive sight.

Mr and Mrs Handley Garland and Mr Barrett were all there and took some photos of the "convoy" down Southampton Water.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Governors go back to school

Governors visit school each term and sample a typical school day.  Mrs Short spent some time last week with Year 5. She writes:

Thank you to the group of Year 5 children who welcomed me into their reciprocal reading session, allowing me to be the "Clarifier". Reciprocal reading works like this - pupils work in groups and each pupil in the group has a copy of the same book which they read aloud in turns.

One of the group is "Questioner", another "Predictor", one "Summariser", another "Clarifier", all under the guidance of "Big Boss". The children in my group all said how much they enjoy reading like this and how it helps them understand the book.

I hope I will be able to join another group the next time I'm in school. In the meantime, keep enjoying your reading.'