Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Year 3 Hugo Cabret Photo Frames-finished at last!

A glazing time at Oasis

Year 4 had an absolutely brilliant time last week at Oasis academy. We visited Tracy and her team in the Art department to glaze our clay elephants ready for firing in their kiln. We are now very much looking forward to seeing what they are going to look like after being fired again! A huge thank you to Tracy and the Art department at Oasis Academy.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Year 4 'Paint with scissors'

Today Year 4 created collage art work inspired by Henri Matisse's Jazz series, which is circus-themed. The children had to work in groups to create their pictures, sharing ideas and resources. They also learned about Matisse and his life.

Jazz collection by Matisse

Have a look at our art gallery below!

Friday, 23 June 2017

Knapp House Day 5

The final day at Knapp house is a quick one but we still pack so much in. Breakfast, packing, surfing, packing, lunch and the start of the journey home.

I hope all the children enjoyed their trip to Knapp House and that they can recover any lost sleep over the weekend and I also hope parents have enjoyed our tweets an blog posts showing what the children have been getting up to.

Water Safety Session!

Year 5 have being swimming weekly for the last few weeks, this week was water safety week where they went in the pool in clothes and completed several safety activities!

Oakhouse Day 5

All this activity this week - has made us hungry!! Bring on our giant picnic which we have been cooking ourselves this morning. Off to the field this afternoon to EAT! What a super way to finish our Oakhouse Week!

Oakhouse Day 4

We started off with Tangram Fun! Our project yesterday was making 3D people with pipe cleaners and then shooting an animated film! Wow................amazing!! Check out our winners!

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Thursday at Knapp

Today was the last full day at Knapp House and with the weather a bit cooler the children have given their activities everything!

Today, they have done: Tunneling and crate-stacking, Canoeing on the lake and of course, the Disco!

We have 2 final activities on Friday: Surfing and packing.

Quick update from Knapp

Just thought we'd post some videos from this morning's canoeing.

A journey to the afterlife!

In Year 5 we have being learning about the beliefs Ancient Egyptians followed, as part of their religion. Part of this has being looking at how bodies were prepared for the afterlife, through mummification. To give the pupils a hands on experience of this they became embalmers, carrying out the stages of mummification on tomatoes.

It was messy and lots of fun!