Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night!



Masks and Groups


Oriana makes it a double-double!

We had a very busy Final Celebration Assembly this morning!

We celebrated:

And we said goodbye to Mrs Hayter and Mrs Heathcock, who are retiring this year.

Our House Cup was awarded to Oriana, for the second year in a row - it's been a brilliant year for them as they won the Sports Day Cup too!

A fantastic last day of term day all round!

Have a brilliant summer break!

Monday, 25 July 2011

Magical Masks!

Year 6 have been putting the finishing touches to the masks they have made especially for their leaving prom. We think they are pretty impressive-take a look!

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Let's Dance-Part 2!

Not content to sit still after their brilliant leaving production, Year 6 have been learning yet another dance for their upcoming prom on Tuesday. This time the tempo was taken up a notch as they got their dancing feet doing the Salsa. Take a look at them in practice!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Oh! What a School!

In their final ever performance at Oakwood Junior School, Year 6 made goose bumps appear and tears well up as they told the story of why the school held such a special place in their hearts.

Professor Know It All endeavoured to find out why so many Year 6 pupils were crying as they approached the end of term, if they loved school so much.

In the course of his investigation, he charged his team of boffins to visit the staff room, look back at trips and visits, dance to Kylie, sing the Carpenters and Bruno Mars and interrogate some urchins from Oliver.

Just before the end, each of the House Captains spoke on their friends' behalf to thank the school and say what they would miss...

Well, we will certainly miss you, Year 6, and thank you for entertaining us tonight!

(You can see the videos from the performance right here...)


Even though it's nearly the end of term, Oakwood is still full of energy and determination!

As Year 6 performed their matinee leavers' production this afternoon, there were a few people missing from the audience...

Where were they? Well, they were up with our friends at Fairisle Junior School, stealing something away!

Following a fantastic performance, Oakwood's cricketers won the Oasis Family Cricket Shield, kindly organised by our colleagues at Testlands Multisport Coaching.

I'm sure Fairisle and Shirley Warren will put up a sporting fight for the shield next year, but for the time being, it's ours!

Very well done, boys!

(Thanks to Mr Howard and his big posh camera for the team photo! A photo with the trophy and and the team together following tomorrow!)

Monday, 18 July 2011

Exploring the city's life-blood!

Year 6 have been down to the docks and spent half a day aboard the oil supply ship Whitchallenger and the tug Phenix. Although lots of children will have been on ferries out of Southampton, or even pleasure craft in the Solent, not many city schools get their children on to working port vessels, which are the life-blood of the docks and the city’s economy.

The children came away with an amazing amount of new knowledge, ranging from how knots are tied (and why it’s still important to know how to tie them!), navigating with computers - but also with sextants and stars - and how major oil spills are cleaned up around the world.

Many thanks to Nick at Solent Towage, Ashley at Whitaker Group and the entire crews of both vessels, who were fantastic!

See our previous visits in 2010 and 2009!

Friday, 8 July 2011

Come and Explore Minstead!

Our friends at Minstead Study Centre have their Open Day on Saturday 16 July.

If you have ever been to Minstead, or your child is going next year, it's a great chance to explore the Wild Wood and see what a truly magical experience it is!

(Click the flyer for a bigger version!)

It's no more than 15 minutes away by car...

Year 5 Explore Winchester

Last Friday, Year 5 explored Winchester as part of their topic work. We had a brilliant time were lucky enough to experience Winchester's famous Hat Fair - it was a real cultural event!

The children are using their geographical skills to compare Winchester to a place we know very well: Lordswood.

Whilst we were there, we visited the Great Hall (home of King Arthur's Round Table) and Winchester's City Museum, which told the story of the city's history. It was fascinating!

We also completed shop and trafiic surveys, as well as giving lots of different environment scores.

A fantastic day!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Waltzing Around!

Year 6 have been learning the Waltz for their prom at the end of term. We thought we would give you a little taster.

'Eggs'-ploring the Christian Story.

Year 6 enjoyed a very creative and fun filled few days last week when Chris Davies and his team visited. They were here to help us interpret and understand the Christian Story. To do this they had us working in teams to design games; write stories; solve puzzles; find treasure; create our own cities and make our own Easter gardens.

Perhaps our favourite activity revolved around helping 'Eggbert' the egg on his travels around the world. We had to design a flying craft, a parachute and a way of transporting Eggbert over the mountains. All of these activities helped us to think about the different parts of the Christian story and the important teachings it holds for Christians.

A big THANK YOU to Chris and all his team for a brilliant week!