Monday, 18 May 2009

Chick Diaries - Take 2!

You may remember, a few months back, year 4 were very egg-cited to have a batch of hatching eggs to look after. Unfortunately, they did not hatch in the time we had them. However, we have since had another special delivery and we all kept our fingers crossed for a successful hatch.

With most batches, there is a 50-60% success rate with hatching. So, last Wednesday, when we arrived at school to find no less than 8 of the 10 eggs had hatched over night, we were delighted!

Just to add to our egg-citement, however, the final 2 eggs hatched Wednesday lunchtime which 4MW were lucky enough to watch!

Since then, we have had 10 very fluffy chicks to look after. We have learned about how to feed them, how to clean them out, and also, how to handle them safely and gently.

Mrs Rogers took them home to look after over the weekend, and what a change since they returned! Our tiny fluffy chicks have not only grown bigger, but are also now growing feathers on their wings and tails! How quick they grow - it seems like only yesterday they were eggs...!

Watch this space for more photos and an update on how our hatchlings are progressing!

Monday, 11 May 2009

The Most Important Meal of the Day!

It's a busy week for Year 6!

There are End of Key Stage tests every day, starting with Science today.

It's really important to have the right start to the day when you have a hard-working, hard-thinking morning ahead of you, so everyone was very lucky that Vaudin's Breakfast Bar was open for business this morning (and will be all week...!)

On the menu: juice, cereals and toast, but more importantly, a chance to de-stress and chat with your friends.

Over 40 children took part this morning and we expect it to get busier during the week. (We already have six toasters on the go - not sure we can plug any more in!)

Thanks to everyone who helped and good luck with the tests, Year 6!

Big Yellow Truck...

The Totally Travel Committee organised a visit from the DHL Truck and Child Safety Team.

Ian and Andy came along bringing a 44-tonne DHL delivery truck - they brought it the night before, as you need to be a very skilful driver to thread it through the school gates! (We thought it would be best if there were no children and parents in the way!)

During the day, every child had the chance to see the truck close-up - it's really big! - and to learn about how to keep themselves safe around really large vehicles.

A whole class of 30 children can fit out of the driver's sight below the cab, and with the engine running all 30 children can shout loudly and not be heard. Everyone got the message about how dangerous it would be around the front of the truck!

We also saw what would happen if a balloon got caught under one of the massive wheels. If that had been a football or person, they would get very badly damaged and the truck would be perfectly fine. So we learned not to go anywhere near the wheels as well...

Some of the teachers managed to get a ride in the cab too!

Thanks to DHL and to members of our Totally Travel Committee who organised the day!

Friday, 1 May 2009

Upper school writing survey

Over the next few weeks, children in Years 5 and 6 will be completing a writing survey in school. It is being conducted by the Literacy Trust and aims to find out young people's views and opinions about writing.

The link to the survey is below.