Friday, 18 December 2009

Christmas News Round-Up... (Part 2)

This week, we have heard some of the most amazing singing in our two productions:

Christmas – Why do we do That? …and… Are we Nearly There Yet? It was lovely to hear some old traditional carols and to hear the storytelling in each performance.

Years 3 and 5 performed, off by heart, ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas and Years 4 and 6 shared the Story of the Nativity, once again, off by heart.

Yesterday morning, we braved the cold and frosty weather for our walk up to Lordshill Church, invited by Nick, Val and the team for our Christmas Service. Thanks to parents who were able to join us up at the church. You heard the best singing ever from the children!

And then it was back to go crackers at our Christmas Dinner…

We were very pleased, once again, to offer Christmas Dinner free for all children! Thanks to Lorraine and her team (plus extras!) in the kitchen for a lovely meal and to the OSA for providing the crackers!

Mrs Heathcock definitely enjoyed her Christmas Dinner...!

We finished with a very informal sing-song in the hall on Friday afternoon.

PS...We also thought you might like to see Year 5 leaving for Christmas by all trying to get into Ms Dowle's car once again! Well done to Kerenza and Elena for making the video.

Have a lovely Christmas!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Incredible Instruments!

If you came to a Year 3 and 5 Christmas performance yesterday you might have seen and heard some unusual instruments being played.

Year 5 have had a sound-tastic time making musical instruments this term. We produced a range of instruments including guitars, shakers and drums. It took a lot of planning and lots of messy gluey fingers but we were very pleased with the finished results- take a look at what we have done!

We hope you like them!!!

by Conor 5LD

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

A Stamp for all Seasons!

Our recent home learning task in Year 5 was to design a set of stamps. These were for peace, joy, celebration and happiness. Here are some of our designs-we hope you like them!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone from all of Year 5.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Christmas News Round-Up... (Part 1)

It seems like a very long time ago now, but it was really good to see so many people at the OSA Christmas Fair playing the games, buying stocking fillers, winning prizes and generally getting into the festive spirit (even though it was still November!)

We thought Santa’s sleigh was better than ever this year!

In what are still hard times, when money is tight, we didn’t think we would beat last year’s total of £2800, but thanks to you, the OSA raised a new record total of…


A big Thank You to you all (especially the person who gave us the 2p!) and, of course, to Gill Handley-Garland and the OSA.

The OSA will now be able to donate money to both schools in the new year.

On Friday 4 December, many parents and friends of the school were privileged to listen to our Songsters at West Quay Shopping Centre, singing Christmas Carols and entertaining shoppers!

We are always very proud to see our children representing the school so well.

Money was collected in aid of the Hampshire Autistic Society, so we were glad to play our part, as we do every year.

And finally for this part, the Southampton Schools Music Association concert took place at the Guildhall on Tuesday 8 December.
It was no surprise to us that all soloists in the Junior School section were Oakwood pupils... and the biggest junior school choir there? You guessed right again!
It was an amzing concert and really showed off the talent we have here, while getting everyone in the mood for Christmas!

(We weren't allowed to take photos! Booo!)
Roll on our Christmas performances next week!

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Soldier, Soldier

Year 3 had a visit today from Bob Anderson, a retired soldier.

He came to talk to the children about life as a soldier as part of their work on World War 2. The children had a chance to try on camouflage uniform, marching boots and a helmet, and they thought about how the uniform today differs from the uniform in 1939.

We had a great afternoon, and the children asked lots of interesting questions. A big thank you to Bob for giving his time to us!

University Life!

On Monday 7th December Year 5 were very privileged to attend a mini lecture at Southampton University in Highfield. After a great morning at Intech we headed to the university where we were greeted by some of the students, Kirstin (Outreach and Partnership Officer for the university) and space expert Ian.

Firstly, we learnt a little bit about what life at university was like-it sounds lots of fun!! Then we had a really fascinating and funny lecture about Earth and Space. We found out lots of interesting information but here are our top facts !

  • We have all been hit by a shooting star for in each drop of rain is a microscopic piece of a shooting star .
  • The earth spins round at 900 miles an hour.
  • Space is only a mere 100 km away from the Earth.

    After the lecture we all 'graduated' but more of that next week!

A big thank you to Ian , Kirstin and all the Students at Southampton University!

We had a great day!!

By Amie Barnes 5LD

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Intelligent Intech!

On Monday 7th December 2009 Year 5 went to Intech. We arrived there with great excitement to tour the exhibition. We were greeted by a kind lady called Alison, who told us about the rules of Intech. Soon we were on our way to the planetarium. The space-tastic astronaut film was a spinning-sensation!

After that we went round Intech, playing with the "mind-boggling" exhibitions. We made tornados; we found out how heat rises; which countries waste the most water; we made bridges and we also submitted ideas for the future.

It was a great day out!!!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Winter Wonderland

On Thursday 3rd December 2009, Year 3 visited Sir Harold Hillier Gardens in Romsey.

After a very wet week, we all came ready and prepared for a damp day! However, we were met by beautiful sunshine and fabulous views.

The morning was spent exploring the winter garden. We had paint pallets with colours which we had to try and find amongst the plants. We were amazed to find purples, oranges, reds, yellows... a whole rainbow of colours if you looked closely enough!

Then we searched for some woodland decorations. Pine cones, firs, twigs and leaves were transformed into outdoor hanging decorations.

After lunch - and a good warming up indoors! - we put our creative talents to work. Beautiful pine cones became even more lovely with the addition of some festive glitter! Our artwork will be adorning the tree at our forthcoming Carol Service at Lordshill Church.

A big thank you to all at Hilliers for a wonderul day!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Strictly Year 3

On Wednesday 25th November, Year 3 became 1940's dancers for the afternoon.

Emma Maer, a dance coach from Oasis Academy Lordshill, visited the school to teach Year 3 some Jitterbug steps as part of their work on World War 2.

The children had a wonderful time dancing along to Glenn Miller's classic, "In the Mood".

Strictly Come Dancing, watch out!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Year 5 and 3 Rocking Rehearsals!

Year 3 and 5 Christmas production rehearsals are now well under way.

Year 3 and 5 have been very busy practising our production of "Are We Nearly There Yet!" We have cracking choirs; amazing actors; sensational songs and a lovely traditional Christmas poem. We also have stressed teachers pulling their hair out helping us to learn words, give out parts and put us into our performance places!

We hope you can come and see the finished production on Wednesday 16th December-you will be thoroughly entertained!

by Amie and Conor 5LD