Friday, 26 February 2016

Flower Surgery in Year 5

This afternoon in Year 5 we were set the task to dissect a flower. We had to find the parts we had been learning about as part of our life cycles Science topic.

We had great fun carefully cutting them up and identifying each part and discussing their roles in plant reproduction.

Semi-Final win for Team Oakwood

The School Football Team played their City Cup semi-final against Orchard Primary school on Wednesday after school.

Oakwood started the better team, but were punished by Orchard when they scored direct from a free kick within the first 10 minutes. Oakwood rallied and just before half time pulled level when Reece drilled into the bottom corner from distance.

The game stayed even until midway through the second half when Oakwood's substitutes began to make their mark, Ethan eventually touching home after a great piece of team inter-play.

Oakwood held strong and could have had a third, but finished 2-1 winners. Meaning Oakwood reach the City Cup final for the 4th year in a row.

Man of the match Robbie; scorers; Reece (1) and Ethan (1).

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Year 4 Animal Fun

What a great start to the Spring half term, with roaring lions, zany zebras and of course beautiful butterflies.  Year 4 enjoyed a fun filled science, cookery and art day as part of our habitats topic.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Y3 Storytelling Beowulf

Before half-term Y3 shared the tale of Beowulf with the school, just as the Anglo-Saxons would have told it - from memory!

If you thought that was scary, why not pop in and see the terrifying tales Y3 were inspired to write by themselves...

Friday, 12 February 2016

Key Stage 1 Personal Best Day

This half term's personal best day was focused speed and agility. The children had fun working through each station, which challenged them each time.

Thank you to TMC and the Year 5 Sports leaders who organised the day, which was enjoyable for everyone!

Y3 Anglo-Saxon Day

Today Year 3 children welcomed in a historical expert, along with his many historical artefacts and replica weapons. Together they learned about Anglo-Saxon history from start to finish, including how Anglo-saxons relaxed, dealt with crime and battled the invading Vikings!

Year 2 Racket Skills festival

Yesterday, 10 children went to St George's Catholic school to take part in a fun racket skills festival.

They had to work in a team or in pairs to work through each station. Some of the activities were; to use a tennis racket to hit a target on the floor, they bounced balls off the ball to their partner and they raced against each other to move balls from one coloured cone to the matching colour on the other side of the hall.

The children had fun and enjoyed the competition against each other! Well done to all the children who participated, you represented Oakwood with excellent behaviour.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Happy Chinese New Year!

In Year R we have been learning about how some people celebrate Chinese New Year. We have been acting-out the story using masks and sharing the films with our friends. We have been painting pandas, the Chinese flag, the Great Wall of China and dragons. For dance this week we used scarves to pretend we were dragons and made up our own special dance! We looked at globes to explore the different countries around the world. In maths we used coins to pay for items from the Chinese shop. We also explored what would happen if we continued to cut an oblong-shaped Chinese money bag (pretend) in half. We predicted that the size and shape would change as we went, we were right! We wrote postcards to tell our friends and family what we saw in China. What fun!

Oakstead in the outdoors!

Today Oakstead children have been out at the New Forest Study Centre having some hands on fun in the outdoors. We learnt about the minibeasts and trees we could find around us. We also played several games in the forest and meadow applying some of the things we had learnt.

We were very lucky with such beautiful weather and we all had a great day.

Foot Squishingly Good Wednesday at Minstead!

Today we were joined by Mr Crook for a ice cold, foot numbing, body bouncing march across one of amazing boglands in the New Forest.Those of us who were brave enough to walk across the boglands with no boots (and that did not include Mr Crook!) yelped our way to the middle where we shown how incredibly deep the marsh was. We rounded off a terrific day with homemade sausages, a lantern parade and stargazing. We were also visited by Miss K who brought some Oakwood cheer to our hot chocolate session.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Getting stuck in the mud in Oakstead week

Year 4 and 5 have had an action packed start to their Oakstead week. So far this week the children have:Researched minibeasts, played team building games (human letters, human knot, tower building challenge), been for a local walk in Lordswood Woods, created artworks from nature inspired by transport and learnt how to save water with 3 different water tasks. What an action packed week- and we're only half way through!

Team Oakwood, Double City Champions!

The girls and boys badminton teams played in their final matches yesterday knowing victory would secure them 1st place in the leagues.

The girls team, who were undefeated, continued their domination of the league by beating both Ludlow and Springhill for the second time. So after winning 6/6 the girls really earned their gold medals (don't worry girls, they will arrive at school soon).

The boys A team were in equally fine form, winning their final three matches 3 games to nil; meaning that they also secured the league title. Well done boys.

The boys B team played very well again and also won their final two matches. The team have done exceptionally well, however we have not yet received the final table so we are unsure what position the 'B' team has finished.

Keep your eyes peeled for the update.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Jam Packed Minstead Tuesday- Den Designing, Mud Raking, Egg Collecting, Woolly Working, Lantern Making, Clay Sculpting, Bonfire Watching!!

All that and pancakes too!! Have a look at the fun we have all had at Minstead today.

Y4 Curriculum Mixed Bag

In English this term, we have been using skimming and scanning techniques to aid note-taking about a river creature.  From our notes, we have created informative sentences for the reader with the challenge of using fronted adverbials and rhetorical questions.  We used rainbow writing to organise our sentences into informative paragraphs to produce non-chronological reports on our creature.

In Maths, we have been exploring division through the 'bus stop' method and learning to clever cloud to support us through this process.

In Geography, we have been looking at the water cycle and the four main processes: evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection.  Following this, we have learned the main features of a river in preparation for our visit to Testwood Lakes.  Watch out for further blogs of our trip.

In RE, we have been looking at the miracles of Jesus and discussed thought provoking statements about Jesus' life.

Y4 Can Do

As Part of Y4's PSHE we have been thinking about our Growth mindset and Going for Goals. These are some half and half pictures we produced to remind our Phase of our can do attitude: 'Success comes in a can, not a cannot. Give it a try! This is a can do Phase! You can do it!'


Monday, 8 February 2016

Mud, Mud, Wind, Rain and More Mud-Ideal Conditions for a fun filled day in the Forest!

After arriving safely, choosing our bunks and unpacking our possessions we went for our first muddy trek through the forest. In between finding the deepest muddles and gloopiest mud, we learnt about the biodiversity of Planet Earth. We all picked our 'creature teacher' and earned our first bead. We are now awaiting our well deserved tea and chilling on the extra large bean bags.

Tonight we will be in the classroom reflecting on what we have learned and then making our way to the Roundhouse for a bonfire, story and hot chocolate. A great first day.

Oakwood - Live at the O2!

Oakwood Songsters put on a very special performance in a very special venue to help celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Young Voices...!

It's four years since we went to Young Voices last time, and it was even better this time.

Everyone had worked so hard, not just rehearsing songs and actions, but also booking buses and ordering t-shirts!

We performed alongside our friends from Fairisle Junior School and Showcase Performance Company, and together with over 7,000 other Young Voices from schools across the country.

We also shared the spotlight with Urban Strides, The Beat Box Collective, Laura Wright and Tom Billington.

A very special and inspiring day!

Well done everyone!

(If you can't get the photos on an iPhone or iPad, try our new PhotoStory feature!)

The Day 5BK's Crayons Quit!

Thanks to 5BK who put on a great storytelling assembly this morning!

They gave us the full gen on How To Capture a Dragon , having learned the method off by heart to get the rhythms and structures of instruction writing stuck in their heads for later use!

They also performed The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers. This was a great story to showcase their dramatic talents, but also reminded us all about how we solve our disagreements and make friends again.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Federation Fitness Festival

On Friday, 15 boys and girls from Year 4 and Year 6 went to Fairisle to represent Oakwood in the Federation Fitness Festival.

It's as it sounds really...It's all those things normal people hate. Cross Country against the clock; The Bleep Test; Circuit training and just overall grit to complete a challenge. And we did it all without our Year 5 children who were off on a trip to Winchester! That meant we took extra Year 4 children - some of whom were competing against children two years older than themselves!

Well done to all the children who represented Oakwood so well, looking great in the new multi-use sports kit too might I say!

Sport 4 All Spring Term

All KS2 children have taken part in their Spring Term, Sport 4 All activity over the last two Thursday mornings.

Having already had trampolining and swimming sessions in the Autumn term, each year group had an hour long dance marathon with Miss Collins from TMC.

Children put their best foot forward (and backards, and left and right) and danced to cheesy disco, Youtube mega hits and modern pop music. All children did manage to pick up a routine or two and there were definitely some moves on show at last night's disco!!

As with all the extra sports children do at Oakwood (that aren't PE lessons, or outside school clubs) children earnt another step on their Road 2 Rio cards.

Well done everyone.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Year 5 blast off to Winchester Science Museum!

As the finale to Year 5's 'Up, up and away' (Space) topic they spent today visiting Winchester Science Museum and Planetarium. They particularly enjoyed exploring our a visit to the planetarium where a helpful tour guide showed them round the night sky. They were able to find out all about the constellations in the sky, the planets in our solar system and galaxies in the distance! After an exciting start in the Planetarium they were given the opportunity to explore the other exhibits at the Museum. There were lots of interactive activities which both staff and children alike enjoyed!

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Badminton Week 3

It was another successful week for the Team Oakwood Badminton teams on Tuesday after school.

The Boys A team beat Springhill A 3-0 and Ludlow A 3-0 putting them in a commanding league position with only 2 schools/teams left to play.

The Boys B team beat Springhill B 3-0 to continue their push towards the medal places.

And finally the Girls team were victorious against Bassett Green 2-1, meaning they stay top of the girls league!

Well done all.

Monday, 1 February 2016

Building castles!

As part of our topic, 'A knight's adventure', the children built castles. The materials they used were; biscuits for the walls, marshmallows for the turrets and icing sugar mixed with water for the cement.

The children had lots of fun making them and even more fun eating it after!

Inter-House Sports Cup

Over the last 3 weeks children from Y3, Y4 and Y5 have taken part in the first three rounds of the school Inter-House Sports Cup. (Y6 will take part this week!)

Year 3 Benchball:
Ventura 4th, Azura 3rd, Britannia 2nd, Adonia 1st

Year 4 Football:

Britannia 4th, Azura 3rd, Ventura 2nd, Adonia 1st

Year 5 Tag rugby:
Adonia 4th, Britannia 3rd, Azura 2nd, Ventura 1st

Well done to everyone who has taken part so far! Keep up the hard work on your Road 2 Rio!