Wednesday, 14 May 2008

6GH - SATs Busting!

What's going on here then?

Listen to the commentary by Liam and Ben to find out...

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Friday, 2 May 2008

Journey to the Jewel Shield...!!

Our Football team are the Champions of Southampton!

We beat Foxhills Junior School on Wednesday 3-1 at Townhill Junior School (we had already won against Townhill Junior last week in the Semi-Final).

After an early goal against us, we fought back strongly and just before half-time Charlie scored, celebrating by sliding across the pitch (that's Charlie for you!). In the middle of the second half George dramatically hit the ball into the back of the net, it was exquisite!

Then, five minutes before the end Matt headed away the free kick, it went to Charlie and Joel crossed it to George (who placed it into the bottom corner of the net with his usual precision).
The remainder of the second half seemed to go on forever, but Oakwood stayed strong at the back and we held them out for the remainder of the second half.

The final whistle came, we cheered in celebration, all 10 players played to get us into this final and we are proud of all of them. Everybody helped to win this including Abbie, Ryan and Sam who came on at the end to help us keep them goals out. Mitchell also made some spectacular saves, his flexible ability prevented them from scoring. Alex and Ben made some crucial tackles which helped us continue with our victory.

Well done to everyone!
(and especially to Paul Annetts and Mr Parker!)

by George, Sam, Matt