Thursday, 28 November 2013

Anti-bullying week in Year 5

Last week was anti-bullying week (18th November - 22 November). The children in 5JT enjoyed making anti-bullying shields with the message that Bullying is not allowed at Oakwood. Here are some of them!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Mr Mandigora

Yesterday Year 3 were lucky enough to be visited by Mr Mandigora. He came in to speak to the children about life in Zimbabwe as part of our Smile topic. The children prepared questions to ask him and made notes during his visit.

This allowed the children to get a feel to what life is really like in Zimbabwe, not like they see on the television.

Thank you again Mr Mandigora!

Monday, 25 November 2013

Thank you for starting Christmas so well!

It seems really strange it still being November and our Christmas tree being up in school!

But the OSA Christmas Fair comes around as regular as clockwork and we thank everyone who came to take part...

You may have played Batak, or bought a raffle ticket, or won a bottle, or eaten candy floss, or had a hot dog, or bought a woolly hat, or seen Santa, or bought your Christmas cards, or had a coffee and a cake, or bought some presents for people!

The fair is always good fun and this year seemed busier than ever!

Thanks to all of your, and particularly all members of the Oakwood School Association, for making it a success.

The evening raised an amazing £3808 which will all come back into Oakwood Primary School to be spent on your children!

Friday, 22 November 2013

Year 2's Island Home homework project

Year 2 have been inspired by their top 'An Island Home' to create some fabulous projects at home. The children were allowed to do anything they wanted related to islands (including treasure maps, posters, information and models). These projects could of been about a real island or fantasy!

The children really enjoyed sharing their work with their friends on Thursday afternoon.

Have a look at our amazing work!

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Round Two of the Inter-House Sports Cup

Year four took part in round two of the Inter-House Sports Cup this afternoon.

Five children from each house braved the cold to take part in the year four football tournament on the playground. It was a high scoring competition which required both a goals scored count back AND a playoff to decide 2nd and 3rd!

The results were as follows;

Arcadia 1 - 7 Oceana                                             Aurora 1 - 3 Oriana
Oceana 6 - 1 Aurora                                              Oriana 2 - 4 Arcadia
Arcadia 2 - 5 Aurora                                              Oriana 0 - 4 Oceana


Arcadia 0 - 1 Aurora

Which meant; 1st = Oceana, 2nd = Aurora, 3rd = Arcadia, 4th = Oriana

Well done to our top scores: Robbie (9), Owen and Reece (5) and Paolo (4)
And thank you to our four Y6 referees.

KS1 Pupil Council Banner!

Pupil Council from KS1 have helped to design a banner to remind everyone about how to play nicely at playtimes and lunchtimes. They used the 'Right's and Respecting' Charter to help them to think of ideas.

From RRS Banner

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Emotional Art!

As part of Anti-Bullying Week Year 6 have been exploring how different emotions can be expressed through art. We looked particularly at the work of  the Victorian abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky. Here are some of our pictures inspired by his work and the conflicting emotions that we might feel if we were being bullied.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Twelve lucky Y4 children visited Southampton Gymnastics Clubs Redbridge facility today for a Gym Festival with three other schools.

As part of the festival each school was required to perform a short gymnastic piece to showcase the work they do in gym lessons for PE. The six boys and six girls representing Oakwood performed excellently showing off a wide range of skills. As a thank you for coming the children then got to watch a performance from a pair of Southampton Gym clubs gymnasts which was superb, and quite amazing to watch.

The children were then given coaching sessions on a range of fantastic equipment in the purpose built gym facility, the children were especially keen on the foam landing pit and the rather bouncy floor!

Although rather difficult to capture gymnastics in action we did manage a few photos - take a look.

Angels Day in Year 3

Last week Year 3 had a wonderful day with Duncan and his team from 'Southampton city Mission'. Year 3 were learning all about 'Angels' and what they mean to them and Christians. A great day full of art and craft, team work activities and story telling.

Year 3 have made some very authentic time capsules, to present all their WW2 topic work. The children learnt new skills in measuring and cutting the correct size paper to cover the shoe boxes too!

Friday, 15 November 2013


What an amazing day!

The Key Stage 1 Pupil Council and the Key Stage 2 Charity Committee organised a fantastic, fun-filled day for Children in Need.

In return for bringing in a pound coin, we transformed ourselves and instead of our usual uniform, we came to school in pyjamas, onesies and fake moustaches! Some of our male members of staff even grew their own!

Alongside this, we also delved deep behind our sofas, underneath our beds and in all sorts of other hiding places to find loose change. We collected this together to donate to the Disasters Emergency Committee for the Phillipines Typhoon Appeal.

And what a generous school community we have!

Our grand total was...


We had a total of £456 in pound coins for Children in Need and £595.61 in loose change for donation to DEC.

So, once again, a massive


Tip Top at the Top Table

The dining hall looked slightly different today as three of the most well-mannered, polite children in the school took their well earned places at the top table with guest of honour-Mr.Wills. The children had been selected by the dinner staff for their exemplary manners and politeness at the dinner table.

Take a look at our pictures:

Published by Jack

Friendship Week!

This week has been 'Friendship Week'!

At Key Stage 1 we began the week with one of our favourite stories, "Rainbow Fish". Just like the main character in the story, we gave away (pretend) sparkly fish scales to people who were good friends.

We learned that in order to have good friends you need to be one. Our new 'Playground Helpers' were introduced to the school. They will be outside every play-time from now on and will be wearing bright orange bibs.

They will be leading a special game every day that everyone can join! This helps us to make new friends across the school and make sure nobody is lonely. On Wednesday afternoon we met in our House Teams and had 'Play-Clap-Sing' out in the playground. What fun!

All week we have been nominating friends in our classes for our 'Friendship Wall' and giving them special stickers. We competed in our House Teams to see who could work together the best to win the most points. Our challenge was to run up the ladder, go under the arch, grab a beanbag and then race back to our team.

Our teammates cheered each other on! To celebrate the Tawny Owls winning, they had a special picnic in the hall and played some games with Miss Shore. Next week, to follow-on, we will be learning about bullying and learning how we can prevent it from happening in our school and what to do if you need help.

Superb Sea City Visit

The children in year 5 had a wonderful opportunity to visit the Sea City museum in Southampton. They were able to find out about the lives of crew members from the city and if they survived the disaster.
They took part in a workshop where they became engineers - experimenting with the watertight hull, examined artifacts from the period and had to decide who they would have saved.
Here are some comments from the children!

The Sea City Museum was really fun because it was very interesting. We got to play a game called “sail the Titanic”. We also got to shovel the coal. There was a big picture of the Titanic on the wall and there were little pictures to tell you who died and who had survived. There was a court room. I really enjoyed learning about the Titanic in a fun way. It has anything you want to know. We dressed up in similar clothes to Captain Smith and Bruce Ismay. I would recommend the Sea City Museum to anyone out there looking for Titanic information.

Sea city was AMAZING! It has everything you could possibly want to know about the Titanic.
Shovelling coal is one of the activities that I heartily enjoyed, we also had other activities like:
- Dressing up in similar clothes to like one’s on board,
- Pretending to hold a meeting in court
- And one of my best activities is sail the Titanic!
This is one of my favourite school trips so far I recommend it with a whopping FIVE!. This is definitely a trip to be looking forward to. It is very good and helps children with their learning education and their future life.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Inter House Sports cup gets underway

The first round of the Oakwood Inter-House Sports cup got underway today as Y6 competed in a Quicksticks Hockey tournament on the school playground. With 50 points up for grabs for the winning house all house captains were anxious to make a good start to the years competitions.

The results were as follows;

Match 1 Arcadia  1 v 2  Oceana                            Match 4 Oriana  5 v 3  Arcadia
Match 2 Aurora  0 v 5  Oriana                                Match 5 Arcadia  5 v 0  Aurora
Match 3 Oceana  6 v 0  Aurora                              Match 6 Oriana  3 v 5  Oceana

That means 4th place = Aurora, 3rd place = Arcadia, 2nd place = Oriana and winners were Oceana!! (In blue)

Top scorers for the tournament; Ben H -7, Jack B - 6, Dylan H - 5.

Next week Y4 will complete the second round as they go head to head in a 5 a side football tournament. So keep a look out for those results!

India Day

Year 4 started their new topic yesterday with India day!
With a whole range of exciting activities planned around India, the children were sure for a busy day.
They started with some Rangoli inspired artwork, using symmetry and a mixture of oil pastels and painting techniques. They cooked flatbreads - with the help of Mrs Clutterbuck and Mrs Smallwood. And following this they explored the geography of India.
In the afternoon, the children were treated to a tasting session of Indian cuisine, all of which was kindly donated by the Coriander Lounge restaurant. They tried curries from five different regions of India as well as some tasty side dishes! So a big thank you to the Coriander team.
All of the children tried something new and had a fantastic day, they're now looking forward to trying some Indian school games such as Kabaddi.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013


We had our very first KS1 and KS2 Discos all on one evening tonight!

Years 1 and 2 had a brilliant time early in the evening and they particularly enjoyed Zoe's flashy new lights - have a look at the pictures!

Then, we did a swap-over, which went very smoothly, and Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 arrived...

They were even louder than KS1 and everyone had a disco-tastic time!

Thanks to everyone who helped - the OSA is very grateful! All the money raised goes into buying extras for your children at both schools!

Year 3's Visit Hollybrook Cemetery

On Monday the 11th, Year 3's went to Hollybrook Cemetery. We visited the WW1 and WW2 cenotaphs and laid wreaths and crosses on the graves to remember the people who gave their lives at war.

Drastic Demolitions-Bring on the Primary!

Preparations are under way to create our fabulous new primary school-bringing KS1 and KS2 together. Building work is already under way. Unused toilets in KS1 are being removed to create a new resource area. Take a look at the progress so far:-

Over the next few weeks, keep your detective hats in your pockets and  a close eye out for any changes.

By Nicole and Bronte.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Year 3 enjoy a WW2 tea party

Year 3 had a wonderful day before half term celebrating as if it was the end of WW2. The children came in dressed as evacuees and really got into the spirit of being an evacuee in the 1940's. The children also showed off their dancing skills in a waltz and jitterbug dance whilst celebrating with homemade sandwiches (even the bread!

Friday, 8 November 2013

Remembrance Day in Year 2

Today the children learnt all about why we have Remembrance Day.

The children painted a watercolour picture of Calude Monet's 'Poppy Field in Argenteuil' in their brand new sketch books and created a poppy wreath with messages of thanks and remembrance to all those who have served and are currently serving our country.

Now we all know why we remember, it will make our 2 minute silence on Monday even more meaningful!

Year One Diwali Day

We enjoyed using clay to make Diva Lamps. It was very tricky to make the shape and squeeze the clay. We used rice, lentils and glitter to make Rangoli patterns in bright colours.

It was a busy and fun packed afternoon learning about Diwali.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Year R Celebrate Diwali!!

We have been learning how Hindu's celebrate the Diwali Festival by dancing, making firework picture, creating Mehndi patterns on hands and working together to create a Rangoli mat. Please look at our work!!

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Firework Biscuits!

Year 2 have been busy baking!

We have made some delicious cinnamon firework biscuits and created a picture using them. We chose cinnamon as it is spicy like the heat from a bonfire to warm us up on a cold rainy day.

We spent the day practising our weighing, cutting, modelling and decorating skills and had a lot of fun doing it!

We are very proud of our creations and we hope you like them too!