Sunday, 24 May 2015

Federation rounders winners

On Friday a team of nine year five pupils represented team Oakwood at the Federation rounders tournament being held at Fairisle Junior School.

The team had matches against, Mansel Park, Tanners Brook and Fairisle, winning all of them comfortably. The team showed excellent fielding skills and demonstrated fantastic batting ability, scoring more than 10 rounders in two out of the three games.

Well done!

Friday, 22 May 2015

This term has finished really well for Year 3. We have been exploring Tudor England and finding out about Tudor Explorers! Those brave Tudor explorers really did discover some amazing things! Take a look at what we discovered!

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Help save the Snow Leopards!

Year R has been learning about animals and their habitats. We were very sad to learn that some animals are "endangered" because people chop down the trees in their habitats. To help, we've been learning about how we can save paper by reusing it and recycling. We also had a vote and decided that we would like to raise money and adopt a Snow Leopard through the WWF. We organised an art exhibition by creating posters, writing invitations and making African art. Parents and carers came to visit us and we told them all about habitats and how we can help! We handed-out "monkey milkshakes" for our guests. We finished the exhibition by singing our favourite song, "Down in the Jungle". We raised lots of money and will be adopting a Snow Leopard! Thank-you everyone for your support!

Fruity Tutti Triumphs

Jude's ice cream

In Year 5, we did a business project to test our teamwork. We did it with Jude’s Ice Cream company. First of all, we did some detailed research on Jude’s website about Jude and her families’ company. After that, we made a leaflet all about Jude’s Ice Cream and the story of the company.

We were also lucky enough to go to the factory itself. We were fascinated by the journey of ice cream and how it is made. After the amazing trip, we got back to school and did taste testing in the afternoon. This helped us design our flavour. We tasted a variety of different bases and toppings.

The next day, we named our group and we made a group charter stating all the rules to keep our team fair and successful. Furthermore, we created a questionnaire to give Year 4’s. That helped us decided our key information and flavour of our business.

Over the next few weeks, we had to put together a powerpoint presentation, create a design for our product and packaging. Also research a charity we wanted the profits to go to, calculate the costing of production and the profit we would make. Then finally present all our work on a A1 poster.

When Jude visited Oakwood, each team performed their pitch showing her the powerpoints and posters of all our hard work. After watching them all, she made a very difficult decision of choosing the winning team.

The winning team was ours (The Fruity Tuttti’s and our flavour was called Brazilian Sweetness; strawberries, white chocolate chips and a vanilla base.) This project was great fun! Everyone learnt so much about teamwork and how designing a product and running a business works. We also learnt lots of new ICT skills, because all our work was done on Google Drive. This allowed us to work together and use several programs; Google docs, Google slides and Google sheet. Learning how to do calculations on Excel was tricky but great, when we could do it.

Thank you Jude and your team for everyone that allowed us to have the opportunity to do such a fun topic.

By Fruity Tutti (The winning team)

Art Studio Transformations!

Following the work on the beautiful new murals that have been placed around school, we decided to put the local artist Tracey Spice's talents to even more use in helping us transform our Art Studio.

Over the last few weeks, Tracey has worked with some of our able artists who have worked together to design and paint a window mural.

It is now almost finished and looks beautiful inside and out! Next time you are in the KS2 playground, have a look at the amazing job they have done!

Music in Year 1

Cedar and Willow have been using body percussion to maintain beat, tempo and rhythm. They designed their own symbols to begin composing, ready for performance.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Year 5 weekly Swimming

Year 5 have been attending their weekly swimming lessons for a few weeks now. Thursday mornings are very busy in year 5 starting with a brisk walk to the local swimming pool, then 45 minutes of super swimming with everyone trying their best to improve their swimming skills. Then a swift walk back for classroom lessons to commence. All in a days work!

Year 5 Football team visit Chelsea

Today the Y5 football team had an early start! They left school at 7:45 this morning to make the long journey up to the Chelsea training ground in Cobham, Surry.

Having won a qualifying tournament last year the team were keen to do well. Things got off to a great start, and carried on improving until it came to the top of the table clash against Sholing.

Oakwood 3 - 0 Peel Common
Oakwood 1 - 0 Springhill
Oakwood 1 - 0 Gomer Junior
Oakwood 1 - 2 Sholing
Oakwood 1 - 0 Badenham

All those results meaning Oakwood finished 2nd! A brilliant result and a fantastic day for the team.

The facilities were absolutely superb, it was like playing football on carpet! It's amazing what you can get for a few million pounds!
Unfortunately, football teams are incredibly secretive about their facilities and cameras are strictly forbidden, but we did manage to sneak a few team shots.

All the Fun of the Fair as Y4 go Carousel crazy!

Year 4 have been working hard designing their very own fairground carousels. They have spent a long time working on designs and have now got the building process underway.

They started by building their electrical circuits, which will make the Carousels move, most groups have also built the main parts of the rides and are excited about decorating them to show their themes.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Year 4's Oakwood Fairground

To link with Y4's 'Fun of the Fair' topic, in maths, they have been designing their own fairground.

They have had to use a whole range of maths skills to complete the challenge in small groups. Using knowledge of area to design the layout of their rides and other buildings/shops/restaurants/toilets. Calculation skills to make sure they kept to their budget when building, and how much money it would cost to run the fairground.
This meant that they could work out their daily takings and profit/loss when running their fairground for a month.

All the groups did really well, and everyone managed to run their fairground for a profit...some more than others! Watch out Sir Alan Sugar/Richard Branson!!

Year 2 Swimming

This term Year 2 are lucky enough to have the opportunity to learn to swim and develop their swimming skills, as part of the PE curriculum.

Each Thursday the children walk to Oaklands swimming pool where they are met by instructors and coached to develop their swimming skills.

Some of the children work in the small pool while others work in big pool depending on ability and experience.

This is an important and vital skill to learn, while having fun at the the same time.

Thank you to all those who are able to help, walking to and from the pool, parents and staff members, for making this opportunity happen!

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Super Circuits

When Year 4 build their carousels later this term they will need to be able to make them move. So in preparation for this they have been learning all about electrical circuits involving different electrical components.
In addition to this they have been finding out about electrical safety and how to make sure you can stay safe at home.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Maths in Year R!

This week in "Explore and Discover" time we challenged the children to focus on maths skills! Wow! The Year R children have been VERY busy measuring, doubling, counting, adding, sorting, halving, comparing, weighing, filling, emptying, counting-on, surveying...the list goes on and on!

Monday, 11 May 2015

Year 2 vehicles

Today Year 2 added the final touches to their vehicles, before they add the wheels this week. They chose their decorations carefully so it suited the vehicle they had made.

The children are excited to showcase their vehicles to their friends and family on Friday at 'The Year 2 Roadshow'.

Look out for the final photographs of their vehicles!

Friday, 8 May 2015

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Year R visit Marwell Zoo!

We had a wonderful time at Marwell Zoo today! Although it was a bit blustery, it stayed dry and we managed to see some wonderful animals! Each class spent an hour in the Education Centre learning about animals that have fur, feathers or scales.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Perform workshop for KS1

The children in Year 1 and 2 went on a jungle adventure with their class, when the talented Sam Love from Perform came to work with them.

Through story telling, games, music, action, mime and using their imaginations the children had an amazing time. Learning about the different animals and what it would be like in the jungle. The half hour session each class had went by very quickly, leaving the children excited and asking, "when can the jungle lady come again?"

Everyone had the chance to strike a pose, join in the games and explore the jungle!

Perform workshops help children develop the 4 C's concentration, coordination, cooperation and confidence, which are skills for life.

A fun time was had by all!!

Year R drama fun with, "Jungle Sam"!

Jungle Sam came to visit us and take us on a magical adventure to Botswana! Our mission was to rescue "Blaze" the jungle cat who had been locked in cage! We had great fun acting-out animal parts and using our imaginations to rescue Blaze!

Year 1's sunflowers and other things

Yesterday Year 1 had a busy day of planting. The children had already written instructions about how to plant a sunflower so were already experts, now all they had to do was get planting. So that's exactly what they did!
As well as the sunflowers, the children also repotted some tomato plants and also had the chance to try the cress they had grown last week.
Fingers crossed they look after them well enough to survive the summer.