Sunday, 15 August 2010

SAM at the Zugspitze

Hello! I hope you are enjoying your holidays!

Today, I travelled through the inside of a mountain on a train in Germany, sat in some snow in the middle of summer, went on a cable car through the clouds and walked into another country!

The Zugspitze is the highest mountain in Germany - it's in the Bavarian Alps.

(Have go with the buttons on the map to look around and see a satellite view...)

It's normally covered in snow as lots of people go skiing here in the winter. To get to the top, you can either walk - that takes two days and it's not good if you have paws - or you can go on the special railway line which goes through a tunnel inside the mountain.

You can then go on a special cable car down again.

Here is the view from the very top. On a clear day, you can see into four countries...

...but for a special prize when you get back to school, email me at to tell me which other country I walked into at the very top... (There are clues in the pictures...!)

See you in September!