Friday, 24 July 2015

Don't We Look Posh?!

On Wednesday, Year 6 returned to Oakwood in the evening for one last, celebratory Goodbye...

Here they are arriving...

And here they are inside - the bit their parents don't get to see...!

Getting a breather outside in their groups...

And letting go... of their balloons, and of Oakwood (*sobs*)...

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Music Hub: The ID Project

Some of our pupils finished a ten-week, after-school project run by the the Southampton Music Hub on Tuesday!

Working with Matt Brombley, they explored stop motion video, apps, electronic music-making, performance and recording.

Here are a couple of videos which show just how creative they have been!

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Final Club of the Month

KS2 children have taken part in the final Club of the Month in the last few days.

Richard, from Romsey and Abby Tennis Club, and his friend Spongebob, have spent some time with us to try and help us find the next Andy Murray.

There were definitely a few children with potential, so make sure you use the summer sun to find a local tennis court and get serving!

Year 4 Aztec Masks

As part of their Aztec study, Y4 have designed and made decorative Aztec face masks. The masks were very rarely worn by the Aztec people and were used mainly as decoration and to ward off spirits and unwanted invaders.

Year 4 meet some old friends, and make some new ones

Yesterday Y4 had a visit from some very special old friends...The baby chicks which they watched hatch back in April came back for an end of year visit!!

'Poachy' and ' ' have been happily living with the Westmore Brood since they left us after there two weeks in Y4. They recently started laying and now lay an egg almost every other day.

The children really enjoyed saying "Hello" to the 'giant', 'massive' chicken. They were astounded by the difference just 4 months makes!

But that wasn't all!

Mr Martin also visited with a selection of reptiles. It was fascinating to see the wide range of lizards, Geckos and dragons and the children really enjoyed the experience.

A BIG Thank You! to Mr Martin and Mrs Westmore for bring the animals in, it was a great way to finish the term!

Friday, 17 July 2015

Y6 Inter House Benchball

There were a few tired Y6s after their production last night, but they still had enough energy this morning to complete the final round of the Inter House Sports Cup.

All Y6 children took part, and represented their house for the final time. Benchball was the game and determination was the key. 3 of the 4 school house had a chance to claim the cup with victory today, but it was Ventura who triumphed in Y6.

All results from the year will now be collated and the winners announced in the final celebration assembly of the year.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Beslubbering Flap-Mouthed Moldwarps!

Yes, Year 6! Mr William Shakespeare is talking about YOU!*

Once again, our out-going (and very outgoing!), Year 6 performers put on the the show of the year!

Brimming with talent and confidence, they outshone any professional theatre troupe you could name in their performance of Much Ado About Everything.

Did you spot the 112** Shakespeare quotations in their play? The Great Bard would have been proud...!

Their singing, acting and dancing, their costumes and their comic timing were superb, as they told the story of their time at Oakwood with passion and fond memories.

Year 6 - Thank You! We will miss you like the bawdy unrchin-snouted skainsmates* you are!

(And we won't forget the little bit of 19th Century French rabble-rousing which also crept in...)

* Insult your friends like Shakespeare...
** Roughly!

Year 3 French Topic

As the year draws to a close - Year 3 have had a fantastic time finding out about France! Apart from their French language lessons, the children have been exploring regions in France, finding out about famous landmarks and best of all - preparing and eating French food! Here we are today enjoying croissants, brie and pancakes! Oh la la!!

KS1 Personal Best - Summer 2

Yesterday, Yr R & KS1 had their final Personal Best day of the year. They completed a range of rolling and throwing challenges working on aim, co-ordination and timing.

It was a busy day with all the other end of year activities going on, but all children managed to have their session and had lots of fun.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Smoothie Bike

Today children from every year group got to experience active travel and healthy eating by trying out our incredible "Smoothie Bike". 

It used nothing but pedal power to  blend fruit juice to make a healthy and delicious concoction!

At the end of the day parents got to see how it worked too.    

Federation Sports Day

Today was the third annual Lordshill and Redbridge Federation Sports Day.

24 children from across Y2,4,5 and 6 were selected to represent Oakwood and compete against the 6 other school taking part. The weather just about held out the the children all did fantastically well in the wide range of events.

Oakwood were pushed all the way by Newlands Primary, but managed to claim first place by jut 80 points! Well done everyone!

Although they didn't count towards the overall classifications, there was also a series of sprint races held to finish the morning off.
Y2 runners finished 2nd and 3rd.
Y4 runners both came 1st.
Y6 runner both came 1st.

What a brilliant day, well done everyone!

Police Chase by Tom (Year 4)

In year 4, we have been learning how to use stop motion - when animating. Using the I pads, we have put together short films - with an Aztec theme. Tom, in year 4, has completed this video in his own time; it's too good not to give it a public platform, so...enjoy!

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Y4 Survival Day

Year 4 children came to school ready to survive today. As part of a writing project the children will take part in 5 different survival skills activities.

The first three activities were; Shelter building, safe fire techniques and food procurement.

At the moment all children have survived the first 3 activities, but 2 pairs did get a little cold after not being able to light their fire.

Ancient Lands Completed in 5BK

Today 5BK completed their ancient lands. They then presented what they had learned about the Ancient Egyptians throughout this term and how they had represented this through their lands. We all had great fun making them and it’s a great end to a fantastic topic! Here are some pictures of them completed and some close ups of the extra detail we added.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Inter House Cup - Year 5

Year 5 completed the 7th round of the Inter-House Sports Cup this morning. Despite the Chilly July weather children went head to head in a hi-5 netball tournament.

Azura picked up 7 points from their three games making them champions of the round. Britannia were 2nd and, Sports Day winners Adonia, were 3rd, with Ventura in 4th.

There is only one more event to go, the Y6 Benchball tournament and things couldn't be tighter in the race for the cup!

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Ancient Lands Take Form In Year 5!

Having built the Pyramids of Giza, the next stage of Year 5’s project was to make them part of a 3D Egyptian land. Here are the projects so far, next week we will be finishing them off, then adding text to the lands showing everything we have learned about Ancient Egypt this half term! Don’t they look fantastic?!

Friday, 10 July 2015

Y3 Inter-House Cup

Year 3 had their second and KS2's sixth round of the Inter-House Sports Cup competition this morning.

Children competed in a mini cricket tournament and the scores were rather close!

Adonia won all three of their games, whilst each of the other houses picked up one win each. Meaning another 40 points for winners Adonia and joint second place for Britannia, Azura and Ventura.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Ancient Architects set to work!

In Year 5 we have been learning about how the Egyptians built the pyramids. To apply our learning and put our maths to the test our teachers presented us with a challenge, to build the Pyramids of Giza, using sugar cubes.

The challenge began with some mathematical calculations. We were told how many boxes of sugar cubes our teachers had bought, we then had to work out how many sugar cubes were in each box, how many there were in total across the year group, then how many each group could have. Then before we could get to work we had to calculate the dimensions of our pyramids and how many bricks we would need for each one.

Having worked hard on the planning process, we set to work on building them. Keep your eye out for future blogs showing our pyramids being made part of our 3D Egyptian lands.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Egyptian Home Learning Exhibition

Year 5 put on a great exhibition of their fantastic home learning projects, all about 'The Egyptians'. We even had a puppet show! Thank you parents and friends for coming!

"Bubbles, bubbles everywhere, and not a drop to drink…"

On Friday Year 5 had lots of fun with bubbles! Quoted from the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory "Bubbles, bubbles everywhere, and not a drop to drink…". We made snakes out of bubbles! You need: a plastic bottle (with the end cut off), baby shampoo or washing up liquid, elastic band and a dish cloth. Look at what happened!

Jude's Ice - Cream Sale Time!

The Ice- Cream sale went live last week! Sales went brilliantly with lots of money raised for Emmaus Homelessness Charity based in Winchester. Brazilian sweetness was a triumph team! A huge thank you to Jude's for all your help with this wonderful topic! Year 5 are looking forward to is next year!

Year 2 Visit to St. Edmond's Catholic Church and Vedic Temple

Year 2 have been exploring the concept of "Special Places". In class they have shared what their own special place would be and why.

The children had the opportunity to visit St. Edmond's Church and the Vedic Temple where they were able to explore the building and ask questions about the special features and what they may represent.

By visiting the two places of worship the children found that there were some similarities as well as differences between both these "special places".

Inter-House Sports Cup

Y4 completed the second round of their Inter-House Sports competitions this morning. With 40 children taking part in a rounders tournament.

Adonia picked up 3 wins from 3 so came in first, with Ventura second and Britannia third, Azura only managed 1 draw from their three matches so came in forth.

There are now only 3 rounds of the Inter-House Sports Cup left this year and the scores are getting very close.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Mission Impossible!

Year 6 were visited by an old pupil today who came to share his expertise on the guitar. Four lucky pupils (including Ms Dowle) were lucky enough to have a guitar lesson where we learnt how to pluck the tune to Mission Impossible. We had lots of fun and now feel inspired to learn the guitar ourselves. A big thank you to Daniel and his tutor from Redbridge.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Year 4 and the Aztecs

This half term Y4 children are learning all about the Aztecs. One of their challenges this week has been to make an Aztec Headdress which would have been worn during ceremony or during battle.

Stepping up to Y6

During transfer day the new Y6 children got to experience life in their new classrooms and spend time in their new classes.

There were lots of questions about the big issues of Y6. Knapp House, English and Maths Sets and of course SATs were all hot topics. After question time children were set the task of finishing a landscape picture by sketching (half of it had been removed and given to someone else).

After lunch each class tackled a range of team building challenges, which had been designed to test their problem solving, communication, and personal skills. All the classes managed to complete the activities successfully, but there were some groups in particular who did very well.

They will certainly need their skills when they come back to school in September as fully fledged Y6 pupils.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Year R on Transfer Day

We had a wonderful time in Year 1 on Wednesday! We spent the day getting to know our new teachers and exploring our new classrooms. We have been having open "Explore and Discover" time this half-term so that we can go between Year 1 and Year R as we wish. This means that we are already familiar with Year 1 and don't need to worry about what it will be like or where to find things! Look how grown-up we are!

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Balancing, Building and Blowing-a great transfer day for new Year 3s.

The new Year 3 children certainly impressed their teachers on their first day in Year 3. On the hottest day of the year, they did not let the heat stop their determination to complete all the challenges they were set. They started by showing off their maths, letting their teachers know some interesting maths facts about themselves. They then moved on to some difficult team challenges-balancing dice on the tip of a lolly stick and building a tower out of spaghetti that could free stand whilst balancing a marshmallow. The children worked brilliantly together, helping each other patiently and setting some impressive class records.

In the afternoon, we thought about our worries and fears and, after a short story, drew some impressive scared faces. The hair was then created by blowing paint with a straw to create that crazy, messy-terrified look. Take a look at all the fun we had;-