Monday, 5 August 2013

Oscar - En Vacances!

Oscar is enjoying his first few days of retirement by practising his French in the small Brittany village of Saint-Pol-de-Léon.

He went to the beach to go rock-pooling, had a few treats and visited the cathedral.

Finally, he caught the ferry safely back to Plymouth - so we'll see him in September.

Au revoir, Oscar!

A Summer Revamp for Computers and Carpets!

Ever wondered what happens in our buildings when the holidays come and the children aren't here?

Well, here's a quick glimpse from behind the scenes in the junior building...

Firstly, our computers have gone away to have some major work done to them ready for the merger into a primary school... then the computer suite was taken apart and the carpet ripped up!

By the time the children come back in September, we'll have a new carpet to replace the one damaged by our heating leak, and the computers will work much faster!