Monday, 20 May 2013

Year 4: 5 pillars of Islam

Currently, in year 4 we are learning about Islam. Last Wednesday we were lucky enough to be joined, in the classroom, by Oakwood's resident expert on Islam: Mrs El Mardi. She came in to talk primarily about the 5 pillars of the Muslim faith. Can you remember what they are? Additionally, she brought in a number of Islamic curiosities for year 4 to explore.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Sainsburys Help with the School Garden!

We would like to say a big Thank-you to Sainsburys in Lordshill for their kind donation of things for our school garden! We have been given lots of lovely flowers to plant, hanging baskest to display and even some delicious fruit and vegetables to grow.
We will have lots of fun planting them and watching them blossom.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Mayor Making 2013

Today two pupils from Year 5 represented Oakwood at the Southampton Mayor Making at the Guildhall. They report below:

We were there to watch the new Mayor receive the key to Southampton and the new Sheriff receive the Sheriff's badge.
When the Ceremony started, the whole of the Guildhall went quiet and then out of nowhere the Town Sergeant yelled, "Quick March!" and made us both jump out of our skin!

Have a look at some of our photos...

Thank you to Mrs Di Maiolo for going with us!

Written by two year 5 representatives.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

A Great Start!

Year 6 have been working hard towards their End of Key Stage Tests for a long time, and now they're here!

To help pupils relax and prepare for their days ahead, Mrs Worley (helped by lots of staff and a governor) has been running 'SATs Breakfast'.

Toast in abundance and a choice of cereals whilst chatting with friends - what better way to start the day?!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Our New Logo!

The school councils of Oakwood Infant and Junior Schools have chosen our logo competition winners.

They chose two designs and then a designer used their ideas to come up with our new logo.

The new logo will be on uniform ready for September and will be used by Oakwood Infant School and Oakwood Junior School.

If the two schools become a primary school, then the new school will use the logo too.

Congratulations to Sam, Ben and Ollie on their winning ideas!

Monday, 6 May 2013

ICT Club iPatterns

ICT Club would like to share some of the patterns they created this week...

How did they do it?

  • They took photos using PhotoBooth on the iPads
  • They uploaded the photos to their own Google Drive using their OakwoodLive IDs
  • They went to the PCs and imported the photos into a Google Presentation

See if you can spot Miss Patchett's skirt! It appears more than once!

Bike It!

Every member of Year 5 has had the chance to get on their bike over the past fortnight as Alan and Steve from Bikeability joined us to see them safely through the programme.

Sometimes, they were a little hard to find as they ventured out to Woburn Road, round the loop of Sandpiper Road and back again.

It's very important that every child at Oakwood has a good understanding of road safety and can get around safely, whether that's as a cyclist or a pedestrian!

Thanks to Alan and Steve! We'll see you again next year!

More about Bikeability in this video from Camden!

Friday, 3 May 2013

Introducing our May Club of the Month

It's only ten days since our last 'Club of the Month' day, but today we welcomed Nathalie and Yanis from the Tennis team at the Southampton Outdoor Sports Centre to Oakwood.

They shared with the children all the different types of tennis there are on offer at the sports centre over the summer months. Did you know there are at least five different types - all of which are designed to suit children aged 1-13.

They challenged the children to a Tennis quiz in assembly and then took each of our classes for a taster session of the things they offer to children in full tennis lessons at the Outdoor Sports Centre.

If your child enjoyed their tennis taster session why not look at the Sports Centre website and find a session for them!

A huge thank you to Nathalie and Yanis for coming, they hope you'll visit them soon!

Thursday, 2 May 2013

4MM with the chicks

All 12 eggs have hatched and we have 12 very healthy young chicks.

Class 4MM have enjoyed handling the chicks today.
A lucky few enjoyed cleaning them out too!

Class 4TW are looking forward to their turn tomorrow.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Living Eggs!

Year 4 have had the delight in taking part in the Living Eggs project this term. They will be producing Explanation Text based on their development: From Egg to chick.

Monday 29th April

Chicks arrived. They were 19 days post lay.

Tuesday 30th April

8.30 a.m Chirping could be heard.

8.37 a.m The first egg begins pipping (breaking through the egg).

12.15 p.m Two of the eggs are wobbling and further chirping can be heard.

Wednesday 1st May

7.05 The cleaning ladies discovered 6 chicks already hatched and watched chick number 7 emerge. 3 more eggs were pipping.

10.20 - Chick number 8 hatches.

11.40- 9th egg hatches.

15.15- 11 eggs have hatched and the final 12th egg is pipping.

About Faces!

Year 4 have been practising how to draw the human face with correct proportions. They used the 4 line concept to develop portraits linked to their work on Shakespeare by developing the face into characters from Shakespeare's plays or Shakespeare himself.