Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Imagine The Future...!

Oakwood was really privileged to be involved in Southampton City Council's Imagine the Future event today...!

Our pupil representatives boarded the Red Funnel Isle of Wight Ferry this morning (thanks to our friends at Fairisle and their minibus!) and spent the day being involved in workshops about the future of the city of Southampton.

We talked about how we could improve the lives of young people in the city and what would be the best use of the city's money...

Thanks to the City Council, Red Funnel, Bitterne Park Sixth Form, Richard Taunton College, St Anne's Sixth Form and City College for a brilliant day!

Have a look at our Twitter storyboard below to see how the day unfolded!

Sending My Friend To School...

We have been really excited to be working on Send My Friend to School.

This is a project to raise awareness and send help to the millions of children in the world who don't get an education as a matter of course.

Pupils in more than 4000 schools have been saying what they would do if they were a World Leader... and have been designing their own Minecraft-style world leaders to tell the story.

Oakwood presented our mini-world leaders to Dr Alan Whitehead MP and he promised to take them, and their messages, up to Westminster to persuade the government to support the right of all children in the world to an education.


For the past few weeks Year 6 have been busy following patterns, cutting, sewing and constructing their own teddy bear. With every child now having completed their very own, handmade and totally unique bear, we can now show off the finished product.

Patterns and cutting

Completed Teddies.

Thank You

We would like to say  big thank you to our fabulous helpers Mr and Mrs Bisson and Mrs Yeo-we could not have done it without you!

Friday, 26 June 2015

A Lovely Summer's Day!

What a fantastic afternoon everyone had at the OSA Summer Fete on Friday!

It was our busiest yet, and the new Barbecue was a real hit if you were feeling peckish!

There were lots of new games to try - balancing coins on lemons was particularly frustrating and Mr Rumble was challenging to make anything out of balloons -and there were lots of old favourites too - what's a summer fete without a coconut shie?!

We also had the very talented ladies and gentlemen of the Lordswood Community Choir joining us. (They have a concert here at Oakwood on 11 July if you want to come along!)

Thanks to the amazing support and the hard work of all the volunteers, and especially Gill Handley-Garland and Gary Chafe (our chair and treasurer respectively), a great time was had by all.

We will let you know the total raised for the OSA as soon as it's been counted!

Year 2 Computing

This term in computing, Year 2 have been learning about coding.

The children have designed programs to instruct a character to do different things.

They have really enjoyed this and grasped it very easily.

Maybe we are seeing some budding computer programmers?!

Celebrating Music on the Map!

Year 3 put on a stunning performance at Central Hall in Southampton this afternoon!

They have been working hard practising and playing their instruments since they first picked them up only nine months ago!

Working with their Showcase teachers, they have learned several new pieces for the performance, including single instrument pieces and ensembles.

They also played alongside the professional musicians of Cordelectra and Philharmagic Orchestra!

The finale was In The Hall of the Mountain King, which is part of the BBC Ten Pieces Project!

(We weren't allowed to take photos in the hall, but Showcase have very kindly provided these photos - not everyone is from Oakwood!)

Summer coleslaw challenge!

Today Year 2 worked in groups to plan and make coleslaw, choosing from a variety of ingredients.

They all worked together to chop the vegetables, grate the carrots and mix it all together. The final products were judged by Mr Taylor, who enjoyed tasting them all and deciding which the tastiest and tangiest bowl of coleslaw was!

What do you like in your coleslaw?

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Mmmmm, radishes!

Year Rs were busy this afternoon watering our baby carrots and runner beans. We also began harvesting our radishes, ready to eat for snack tomorrow! We've been learning about plants this month and so many of the children noticed the roots, stems and leaves of the radishes as they pulled them out of the ground. They were able to decide which radishes were ready to be harvested and which needed to be left in the ground for a bit longer. When asked why they thought some grew faster than others (considering we planted the seeds at the same time) one child answered, "I think because some got more sun!"

Drowning Prevention Week.

As part of Year 5’s swimming lessons this week, children participated in some extra activities for Drowning Prevention Week, to help them and others around them stay safer in water.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Murder Mystery Solving Success for Oakwood!!!

Some children in Year 5 were lucky enough to visit Oasis Academy to take part in a murder mystery activity. They spent time studying the crime scene and looking at the evidence they were given. Next they spent time in the science lab looking at the fingerprints and the ink used on the killers note. Then using the evidence they had gathered they interviewed the suspects and came up with their killer! They were the only group at the event that successfully identified the correct killer!

Friday, 19 June 2015

Slam Dunk-Part 2!

After too much Knapp House tasty food (and far too many Kitkats), the staff of Oakwood managed to leave a lasting impression!

Fun at the Lakes.

After a final night at Knapp it was bags packed and ready to return to Oakwood-exhausted from a terrific week. However, before we departed there was still a final fun packed adventure waiting for us down on the lake.

Oakhouse Day 5

Today Oakhouse children wished Mr Bisson (our amazing sewing helper) a very happy birthday. They presented him with a huge card and a box of chocolates.

In the afternoon they played board games, used the iPads and finished off the day with a DVD.

The children have all had a great week, but are now looking forward to their friends returning from Knapp House.

Year 2 seaside visitor

Instead of Year 2 visiting the museum, the museum came to us courtesy of St Barbes, Lymington.

Rebecca gave a detailed presentation featuring photographs showing how the seaside has changed since the Victorian times. There are many similarities but there are also lots of differences.

The children had the opportunity to dress up and handle different artifacts; including an old fashioned camera, a penny lick and a metal bucket and a wooden spade. They even got to see a woolen swimming costume!

After seeing old fashioned and original postcards, the children had a go at writing and designing their own postcards.

Thank you to Rebecca and St Barbes museum, we have learned a great deal.

Southampton Youth Orchestra 50th Anniversary

Key Stage 2 children were treated to a live performance from Southampton Youth Orchestra in celebration of their 50th anniversary. What a lovely way to start a Friday morning!

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Sunny Thursday at Knapp.

Sun is back out and determination in the air as all children traverse up the climbing tree. Even Mrs Wheeler and Ms Dowle managed to conquer their fears and get to the top, encouraged by the children shouting 'mindset'-miracles do happen!

Year 3 Eiffel Towers 3D ART

What a fantastic start to our DT projects this term. Year 3 were challenged by Miss Kilburn to construct a 3D model. Since our topic this term is Viva La France - we absolutely had to choose to build the Eiffel Tower. We gave the children a photograph of the Tower and some materials and challenged them to construct a model. What an amazing response. Check out these wonderful landmarks!

Oakhouse Day 4

Oakhouse children decided to take the opportunity today to catch up with their teddy bear sewing. At break-time they were treated to a refreshing ice lolly and in the afternoon spent time on the field with their favourite sports coaches TMC.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Action Packed Wednesday at Knapp!

The sky clouded over but spirits weren't dampened as we trekked along the coast; pedaled our way to victory and rode the waves on the ringos. What an exhilarating day!

More Jack and the Beanstalk....

Have you seen the Giant???

We're helping the police catch the giant from the story, "Jack and the Beanstalk" by making WANTED posters! We are using words to describe the giant so that people will know who he is!

This week we have also been retelling the story using puppets and using BeeBots with special "Jack and the Beanstalk" mats.

Mrs Brooke-Shore and Miss Smith dressed-up as the giant and we "hot-seated" him in the classroom by asking questions. For example, some children asked, "Why were you shouting at Jack?" or "Why did you chase him down the beanstalk?"

Groups have been working hard to record their own drama performances of "Jack and the Beanstalk" which we will be sharing with parents and carers next week at our monthly work share.

Remember: if you see the giant.....

please help us and call 999!

Jack and the Beanstalk

In Year R we having been learning about, "Jack and the Beanstalk" and have been measuring our own beanstalks. We have been measuring, comparing and describing objects around the classroom using meter sticks and using "centimeters". We have been focusing on ensuring we do not mix-up "height" and "length". We carefully measured dinosaurs using multilink and recorded our answers. Can you see us measuring beanstalks using multilink? Can you spot us making towers that are short, medium and tall?

Oakhouse Day 3

Another fun-filled day for Year 6! The day started with some interesting drama games followed by cooking, a friendly rounders match on the field and then a picnic!

More Climbing at Knapp!

The excitement and challenges over the last few days, caught up with the children last night-they all slept soundly and had to be woken up this morning. Then it was off to the coast for groups 1 and 2 (photos to follow), whilst groups 3 and 4 had their turn at abseiling back on the Knapp House tower.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Slam Dunk!

Headlines from Knapp House-Local football hero fouls Southampton teacher!

Knapp 2015-Tunnels, crates and Low Rope Challenges!

After this morning's exhilarating surf, Year 6 put their growth mindset to good use to face the demanding challenges of tunnelling, crates and low ropes. "We can do it!" and we did! Here is the evidence.

Oakhouse Day 2

Oh what fun we had! Canoeing, rock climbing, abseiling and archery at Woodmill Activity Centre this morning. Please take a look at the pictures and enjoy!

Knapp House 2015-Surfing Stars.

A great first night at Knapp. All children exhausted from a packed first day and not only went to bed earlier than expected, but slept right through. All groups have been together for the morning surfing at Westwood Ho! Take a look at the fun we had:-

Year 2 Limericks

Year 2 have enjoyed reading and performing nonsense poems. A favourite being The Ning Nang Nong by Spike Milligan.

They have also been reading Limericks and have had a go at writing their own. Some of them have been quite funny and even a little bit silly, which has made them all the more fun!!

Have a read, there are some budding poets in Year 2!!

Monday, 15 June 2015

Knapp House 2015-A Beautiful Sunny Evening at Appledore.

Icecreams, boatride and crabs-say no more!

Ringo Fun at the Beach-Knapp House 2015

Hold onto your safety hats, Year 6 Knapp House groups 1 and 2 were having fun on the ringo this afternoon. With ideal conditions and under glorious sunshine, there was smiles and laughter all around as, after an exhilarating speed boat ride, the children twisted and bumped their way through the water. Take a look at the fun we had:-

Going Up, Up, Up!


It hardly seems a year since Oakwood was at Knapp House last, but it is! And they now have wifi! (Which means we might be able to blog more reliably!)

This afternoon, Groups 3 and 4 went Ringo Riding out in the estuary - more about that in a later blog...

...and Groups 1 and 2 stayed on site to tackle the newly-refurbished climb and abseil tower!

There are four different climbs and the abseil to have a go at and everyone challenged their personal best and got a little bit higher each time - most to the top.

Some even had a go... blindfolded! (This relied on great teamwork to do the spotting of the more difficult holds - you couldn't just say "Right hand up to the yellow one!")

The weather is fantastic and looks good for the week too!

Keep an eye on our Twitter Feed, as we might be posting there too...!

June Club of the Month - TRYathlon

Wednesday saw all of the children from KS2 attend the TRYathlon event at the Outdoor Sports Centre.

Children had a go at a whole range of activities from xbobs and ringos on the ski slope to rounders and dodgeball. All of the children had a brilliant time and will no doubt sleep well tonight!

Oakhouse Day 1

Year 6 children had a great first day for Oakhouse week when they visited Oasis Academy. They tested their stamina in the fitness suite, played tennis and enjoyed an energetic game of Catch the Flag. Thanks to TMC for organising a fun packed day.

Friday, 12 June 2015

A virtual tour for New Year Rs

The new Year R children will be having their first visit next week and we are all very excited for them to come! We have been busy visiting them at preschool so that we can begin getting to know them. Here are some pictures of our Year R base for the new children to view at home if they would like. This may be helpful if anyone is feeling nervous about where things are or what things will look like. In order of appearance: Boy's toilets, role-play, writing area 1, home reading books, writing area 2, book corner, large art table, construction area, computers, multi purpose table (today was i-pads), Oak class, Beech class, girl's toilets, exploring table, veggie patch, outdoor learning area, outdoor maze/bike area and den building area and then another clip of the outdoor learning area.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Cut, glue and stick!

Today was a busy afternoon for the winners of the Year 5 Jude's Ice-Cream Challenge. They had to cut, glue and stick their labels to the ice-cream pots ready for the ice-cream to be added! The ice - cream will be made tomorrow!!! Watch out for the next blog when the ice-cream is collected from the factory.

Tell me a Dragon

Year 1 have read a really lovely book called 'Tell me a Dragon' which describes lots of different dragons from snaggle toothed to jade winged and amber eyed.

We then created our own pages to go in the book and have made class 'Tell me a Dragon' books.
We performed our pages for each other (which was tricky as it was windy and we had to be really loud).

If you want to read our books, come and visit Year 1 to have a look. We would love to share our pages with you.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

City Athletics Championships

On Tuesday, 21 Athletes from Oakwood went to the City Athletics Championships at the Sports Centres athletics track.

Oakwood were looking to follow up last years 3rd place with another good competition. However injuries and and a few missing athletes meant the team were up against it from the start. There was also the small matter of the other 15 schools who wanted to lift that winning trophy too.

During the day the team did pick up some superb results. Both Y4 60m sprinters became City champions, with one of them setting a new City record in the process! Y5 and Y6 athletes also picked up 2nd place certificates in the sprints.

The results are now in! The girls team finished in 9th place, whilst the boys managed 4th. When all the points were combined Team Oakwood ended up in 4th place. An excellent result yet again! Well done team!

Monday, 8 June 2015

Super Science Day

On Friday Oakwood had its very own science day!

All the children across the year groups had great fun learning new scientific things and making a lot of mess by the look of things. Year 6 even had the chance to play teacher and teach all the other classes something they had learned that day.

Can you spot what the children learned over the day?

To give you a clue there was some floating investigations, tornadoes in bottles, exploding bombs, telephones and much much more.

YR 'Munch and Crunch' snack time

To kick off our week about vegetables, YR had a very special snack time today. The children brought in samples of their favourite vegetables for everyone to share, and we went down to the field for a picnic. A lot children decided to try something new, and we talked about whether the veg might grow underground or overground. We finished off with a playtime in the sun!

Thank you to everyone who brought in snacks, we have enough to do it all again tomorrow!

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Y4 School Learning Exhibition

Year 4 brought the spirit of the Funfair to Oakwood this afternoon. Parents and friends had the opportunity to come in and have a peek at all the fabulous work the children have been doing over the last half term.

Thank you to all who came in to visit.

Y4 Tennis stars

On Wednesday 4 Y4 children went with Mrs Larder to the David Lloyd Tennis Centre to take part in a tennis tournament.

Despite not having had any tennis lessons this year (As Y4 tennis is in the Summer 2 term) the team came a very respectable 5/12. A brilliant result, will all four of the team managing to win the vast majority of their games.

Well done team Oakwood.

Year 4 hit the slopes

On Wednesday a selection of lucky Y4 children took part in the Federation AGT skiing event at the dry ski slope, Southampton.

All the children came back with some sore bits...but they thoroughly enjoyed their mornings skiing instruction.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Poetry share

In Year 5 we have been enjoying reading poetry, both at school and at home!

As part of this our homework was to find and present a poem or to write our own poem. We then shared these with our friends and some of us read them aloud to the rest of the class. Here our some photos of us enjoying each others poetry.

Pharoah fun in Year 5!

Today was the first day of our new topic, Ancient Egypt!

We had a fun filled day with lots of activities, to introduce us to Ancient Egypt. We learnt about the food they ate (including some cooking and taste testing). We then did some art work to create Pharoah accessories (practising our fine painting skills). These accessores were then worn for our feast and mummy embalming commpetition.

We can't wait to learn more fasinating facts about the Egyptians!!

Dragon hunting in Year 1

This is a post about when Year 1 went on a hunt to find evidence of dragons, but we didn't really want to come across one!

These are some of the things we found:
-bones (from left over dinner)
-shiny scales that have fallen off
-fresh red blood (which means a dragon had it's dinner recently)
-pheasant feather (more left overs)
-smelly brown dragon poo
-deep claw marks on the trees (too high to be faked by teachers)
-swishy tail trails
-muddy footprints
-3 glittering dragon eggs in a nest
-1 single dragon egg high up a tree (too high to be faked by teachers)
-a broken fence and branches (it's trail of destruction)
-blackened scorched trees from it's fiery breath
-cracked concrete from heavy dragons stomping around

Watch this space for some inspired dragon related work from Year 1. (Please see your homework).

Brought to you by the children of Year 1.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Giraffes Can't Dance!

Oh yes they can!

Mr. Taylor found out that Year R were reading one of his favourite books, "Giraffes Can't Dance". He sent us a video message asking us to draw him some pictures on the computer and type some sentences for him to read! We were all very keen to have a go, and look what we produced! These were all done completely independently, which makes us even more proud :)