Thursday, 25 October 2007

Is it finished yet?

Well, no it isn't, but it's looking a bit more like it should...

Keep watching!

Sunday, 21 October 2007

What's happening here, then...?

Something strange is happening to part of our playground...

The circular garden was looking a bit messy and the bricks around the outside were all coming loose.

But this is what it looks like today...

What will it look like after half-term?

Keep your eyes peeled!

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Our Trip To Manor Farm

Year 1 have been on a trip to Manor Farm to look at how people lived 0ver 100 years ago. Here is the old school they went to. They were only allowed to speak when spoken to and had to sit very still.

Here is the kitchen and the range that they used to heat water, heat up the iron and to cook the dinner.

Here is our range in our Role Play area. The metal iron is really heavy.

Minibeast Motel...?

We are really busy trying to decide where our Minibeast Motel should be in our Science Walkway. Do you think that this is a good place?

All Safe and Sound!

Today was a really important day because we had our fire drill. It's really important that everybody can get out of the building safely when we need to. Today was just a practice but you never know...

As you can see, all the children were really sensible and well behaved. This is really important so that we can make sure everybody is out of the building.

Mr Barrett and Mrs Donnachie checked that all the adults were out of the building too.

Making sure our fire drill is right is all part of being a Southampton City Council Safe School.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

"It's another Harvest Festival..."

We had a really great collection of food for our Harvest Festival today.

Chris Davis came in and reminded us about where our food comes from and how hard it's been for farmers this year because of the floods and foot and mouth disease. You can learn more about how food gets to our tables at the Food and Farming website - and you can take a quiz!

He asked us to collect lots of food in tins and packets and jars - and as you can see, we did! These foods keep for a long time and so they can be given to people in Southampton who really need help. Chris takes it all back to SCRATCH and makes sure it all goes where it's needed.

This year, we also had some great vegetables from Mrs Larder's allotment - we never knew she had such green fingers - and we'd also like to say thanks to the bakers at Tesco in Chineham who made the beautiful wheatsheaf for us. It made our display look really fantastic!

If you want to listen to the celebration song we sung, you can click below...

Friday, 12 October 2007

Come on Number 7!

Everyone had a great time at the OSA Race Night on Friday!

Here are Mrs and Mr Worley deciding which horse to back in the next race...

Parents and children from both Oakwood schools came along shouted VERY LOUDLY for their chosen horses...

...and Mark the DJ made sure everyone knew what was going on. (Mostly, this meant adults paying lots of money to Mrs Handley-Garland and Mr Chafe and then not getting it back - the schools will get it all later!)

Even SAM joined in - he and the children played with special Race Night tokens to see who had the most at the end of the evening. Joseph and his Mum are looking after him here and they seem to have a lot of tokens already!

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

We're on the radio!

Here's a quick note we had from the people at Radio Hampshire! They came in to record some of our pupils for a programme next week and they were very impressed - listen out for them!

To Oakwood Junior School,

On behalf of Radio Hampshire, we would like to thank all the children who participated with our recording; to also all their parents who agreed to their participation and for Oakwood Junior letting us visit the school.

We found that the children involved were extremely friendly and polite; making us feel welcome. We would like to notify you of the times that the children’s voices will be appearing on Radio Hampshire:

Oakwood Junior School is Radio Hampshire’s School of the Week, beginning Monday 15th to Friday 19th October 2007.

The first four children who participated will each appearing each week day morning on the Breakfast Show at 7.15am.

The other five children will be on the Lunchtime Show. These children’s voices will be played for an hour on and off during the Game show ‘What is it?’ between the times 1pm and 2pm.

Thanks again,

Joe and Carly at Radio Hampshire

Gemma McParland
Presenter & Content Producer

Friday, 5 October 2007

Year 3 can do it too!

Year 3 have decided they can do just as well as Year 6 making little maths videos. See what you think!

We use partitioning numbers into tens and units all the time to help us with addition and subtraction.

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Accurate Measuring...

Today, 6GH were learning about accurate measuring and we decided to go outside rather than do some stuffy old worksheets!

We have been accurately drawing rectangles. We started with doing a rectangle 100cm x 60cm and then did another one 80cm x 40 cm. We'll probably try different sizes and shapes another day.

When we are older, if we want to buy curtains, get enough paint for walls, lay a carpet, tile a bathroom, put up a picture or shelves, lay a patio or put a shed up, make our own clothes, plan a bedroom, knock a wall through, make cushions or even be an architect, we will need to be able to measure accurately!