Monday, 31 October 2016

Curriculum Bulletin: Year 1

Curriculum Bulletin: Year 1

Autumn 2 

  • This topic has a history focus. Not only will the children be learning about the toys they all enjoy playing with but they will also be exploring how toys have changed over the years.
  • Creating a toy timeline.
  • Investigating what toys their parents enjoyed and what their grandparents played with.
  • Comparing the features of old and new toys including the design and the materials they are made from including similarities and differences.
  • Participating in their own toy adventure.
  • Here are some activities to support learning in class.


  • The children have daily phonics lessons which help them to become more confident readers and writers.
  • The children will be having weekly spelling tests and will be given a spelling log of all the words they will be tested on over the year.
  • Useful games include phonics play  Deep Sea Phonics
  • These are all the sounds the children need to be able to read.

  • The children are involved in daily reading activities in school, whether they read individually, in a group or by exploring a text as a class.
  • They will be able to identify and recognise characteristics of both fiction and nonfiction books.
  • We recommend that the children read at least four times a week and record what they read in their reading log. In return they will receive a house point.
  • Don’t forget you can also sign up for free with oxford owl.
  • We will be reading and studying the Old Bear stories by Jane Hissy with the children as well as other toy stories.

  • The children will continue to use their nuts and bolts when writing. They need to remember that each sentence begins with a capital letter, ends with a full stop and each word separated with a finger space.
  • The children will be taught about using different words at the start of sentences.
  • There will be opportunities for the children to write for different purposes including: a story map, a recount, a character profile and a poster.

  • Consolidating counting forwards and backwards to 20
  • Practise counting in 2’s and 10’s forwards and backwards
  • Learn the value of different coins game
  • Using addition and subtraction in real life situations in the context of money
  • Exploring Measure with a focus on height and length.
  • Learn the names and properties of 2D and 3D shapes game

Days to remember
  • PE is taught every Monday and Thursday. Please make sure a PE kit is in school for these days.
  • We have the opportunity to go to the library and change our books every Tuesday.
  • Spellings will be tested every Friday.

Curriculum Bulletin: Year 2

Autumn 2: Fire, Fire! 
Image result for fire fire


  • To create a wanted poster about Guy Fawkes. 
  • To write a diary entry from the point of view of Samuel Pepys 
  • Read firework poems and answer questions about them. 
  • Create a firework poem. 
  • Design and write a cure for The Plague.
  • The writings targets are: to use a comma in a list and to use a noun phrase

Image result for subtraction poster

  • To subtract a two-digit number and ones and a two-digit number and tens.
  • To subtract mentally a two-digit number from another two-digit number.
  • To recognise the relationships between addition and subtraction.
  • To recognise the inverse relationships between addition and subtraction and use this to check calculations and work out missing number problems
  • To count in twos, fives and tens from 0 and use counting strategies to solve problems
  • To recall and use multiplication facts for the 2, 5 and 10 multiplication tables to solve simple problems. 
  • To use the greater than, less than and equal to signs ( > , <, = ) to compare and order numbers. 
Image result for the great fire of london

  • Learn about the history of The Great Fire of London and The Plague
  • Compare doctors and nurses from The Plague and today. 
  • Compare the houses from 1666 and today. 
  • Use different art techniques to create a picture representing The Great Fire of London.
  • In music the objective is to learn and create chants and rhymes. 
  • In PE the children will create and perform a firework dance. 
  • In computing the children will learn about algorithms using a program on Discovery Education. 

  • Homework will continue to be set on a Tuesday whereby you will be informed on the mathematical methods that your child has been taught in school.
  • The new spellings sections will be sent home on a Tuesday and the spelling test will be on a Monday. 

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Cross Country League - Week 2

Even thought half term kicked in at 3:15 on Friday, the school cross country team were hard at work at the Sports Centre.

Week 2 of the schools' cross country league was dry and the sun was out - ideal running conditions. Lots of Team Oakwood used the conditions to improve on their week 1 positions.

See how well we did this week below, and remember there's just 2 more weeks of the league to go.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Curriculum Bulletin: Year 5

Autumn 2 

This term we will be looking at:

  • Written methods for multiplication starting with expanded method (click here for an example ) , moving to long multiplication (click here for an example)
  • Written methods for division (click here for an example of the bus stop method)
  • Revisiting our knowledge of the 4 operations
  • Using our number and operation skills to problem solve, thinking about how to select operations and solve problems

It is really important that even if your child already has their Bronze Table Log that they continue to practise as their recall needs to be as quick as possible to assist the mathematical methods we are using.


In English we will be working on the following:

  • Developing a point of view on an issue to form an argument, debating and writing to persuade
  • Writing to inform (creating a fact file) using features including subheadings and headings
  • Revising different types of word class to help our sentence work (adjectives, verbs, prepositions, adverbs, determiners, pronouns, nouns, proper nouns) 
  • Using speech in our writing and punctuating it correctly
  • Revising using an apostrophe to omit (form a contraction) and show possession 
  • Identifying the difference between a clause and a phrase 
  • Using a comma to separate clauses
  • Developing our independent editing skills as part of our writing process, using our ‘Nuts and Bolts’ to help us

We will be studying the Power of Reading text Shackleton’s Journey by William Grill (linking in with our Fierce Earth topic).

Our class novel and shared text will be Northen Lights, by Philip Pullman.

During our shared reading sessions we will be focusing on building and developing the following reading skills:

  • Responding to the text, drawing on reading and research
  • Retrieving information from a variety of texts (newspapers, narratives, non-fiction and poetry)
  • Identifying and understanding the features of text
  • Identifying the intended audience of a text and the purpose of a text (e.g. non-fiction texts are to inform the reader, fiction books are to entertain the reader)
  • Reflecting and asking questions around a text

Fierce Earth is a geography based topic, where pupils will learn about the following:

  • What is a mountain and how are mountains formed?
  • Study famous mountains and mountain ranges around the world.
  • Study famous explorers and mountain exhibitions.
  • To understand why certain plants and animals are best suited to the mountain environment..
  • Look at how climate change is impacting on the mountain environment

  • How are volcanoes formed?
  • Where in the world are volcanos?
  • What does the inside of a volcano look like?
  • What happens when a volcano erupts? This includes an explosive investigation! Take a look at last year's BLOG post.
  • What is an earthquake and what are tectonic plates?
  • What happens when an earthquake strikes?
  • How are people's lives affected living in an earthquake zone?
  • How do people try and survive earthquakes?

Key dates for your diary
Monday 12th December- Christmas production (afternoon and evening performance)
Homework will be set weekly on Thursdays to be due in the following Thursday
Reading logs will continue to be checked every Monday. As with last term, we are looking for 4 reading entries a week
PE days will continue to be Mondays and Tuesdays

Solubility scientist in action!

In Year 5 over the last couple of days we have being very busy scientists. We have being revisiting the properties of different materials, looking at how we can sort materials based on their properties.

Then we have learnt about solutions and mixtures: how they are formed and what makes a material soluble or insoluble. Next we were set the task of designing a fair test experiment to test if several substances were soluble or insoluble. We had a great time predicting and getting stuck into our investigations.

Finally, we looked at reversible and irreversible changes and how solutions and mixtures can be separated (using evaporation, magnetism, filtration and sieving).

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Be Bright Be Seen

Our Travel Team took charge of their own assembly this morning to bring us a very important message. Cyclists and pedestrians must always wear bright clothing to be safe on the road in the evening - especially if they want to grow up to be able to do all of this:

Titanic Exhibition

Our homework this half term was a home learning project based around our history topic, The Titanic. This was a great opportunity for us all to get creative and have some fun with our learning.

KS1 Athletics Festival

On Monday 10 children took part in an athletics festival with other schools from across the city. The children had a go at all the activities, including long jump, shot put, target throw, ball bounce and speed bounce. The children scored points for their achievement and effort on each station.

At the end they had a go at racing in teams against other schools which was fun and competitive!

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Oakwood 1 - 1 Shirley

The final league game of Oakwood's Autumn season ended in a draw as Oakwood and Shirley played out an entertaining 1-1 draw.

Both teams looked dangerous in the opening exchanges, but it was Oakwood who tested the oppositions 'keeper first. Oakwood were dangerous down the left of the pitch: with Alan, Jenson and Jack all linking well. It was this combination that bought Oakwood's goal. Alan setting Jenson off down the wing, who then crossed for Jack to tuck home.

Despite taking the lead Oakwood, could not find a second goal and eventually Shirley found a goal after an Oakwood mistake.

The game continued to be end to end, but finished 1-1.

Well done to Oakwood's scorer - Jack and Man of the Match - Marcus

Monday, 17 October 2016

All aboard!

Today in Year 5 we have been celebrating our Titanic topic coming to an end with our Titanic day. We have all been Titanic passengers and have being taking part in lots of fun activities. This afternoon we have been in the hall where we ate the scones we baked this morning and performed our historical dances (The Waltz and The Irish Jig) as if we were on board the Titanic.

We have had a fantastic day and had lots of fun dressing up. Take a look at our outfit and the fun we got up to!

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Cross Country League Week 1

On Friday after school the Oakwood Cross country team went to the first of 4 league 'meets' .
The races, 1 girls and 1 boys, take place at the outdoor sports centre and involve a giant loop of the sports centre facilities - about 1.1 miles in total.

Any pupil from Y4, 5 & 6 can enter - as long as you can make it round before the cut off time. There are still 3 more races to go, so if you would like to represent Team Oakwood here is your chance! Just speak to Mr Ackland.

Here are our results from week 1:

NameSurnameplaceBest position

Friday, 14 October 2016

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service Visit Year 1

Year 1 were lucky enough to have Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service visit them today. The children participated in a range of activities such as playing games, listening to stories, climbing on board a real fire engine and "driving" through Southampton to put out a fire.

They learned how to react in an emergency situation and can recite "Get out, stay out, call 999".

Musical journey in Year 5

This week year 5 explored how music is used to create atmosphere. After exploring how different films use pitch, tone, volume and tempo to affect the mood we collaborated to compose and perform our pieces of music about the Titanic's fateful journey.

Famous Artists by Year 6

Year 6 have been studying famous artists this term and have produced some amazing art work. We just had to share this with you. Look out for Cezanne, Monet, Van Gogh and Morris. Well done Year 6 for your effort.. you are amazing and our display is exceptional.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Year 3 and Year 4 Phase Afternoon.

A big thank you to the many parents who came to have a look and share in their child's learning on Monday. The children were excited to have you take part in their lessons and show off how they make their brains ache-on a daily basis!

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Year 6 Poetry, Performance and Parents!

Year 6 decided to learn some poetry off by heart to impress parents on Workshare afternoon!

(We even got some parents involved - but most of them were camera-shy!)

Parents and Grandparents: What poems do you know off by heart from when you were at school?

Oakwood 6 - 0 Tanners Brook

The school football team were again in action after school yesterday. They played host to Tanners Brook and were keen to stop their run of three straight defeats.

Oakwood started the better, winning the ball from kick-off, and scoring after just 12 seconds of the game! Oakwood continued to dominate and the scoreline grew. Following Jack's opening goal, Jenson smashed home a penalty and then Man of the Match, Jack, scored a further 4 times. His best goal a sumptuous volley from a corner.

The school team are back in action twice next week, Home to Shirley in their final league game of the mini-season and a cup game home against Bassett green.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Key stage 1 personal best day

The theme for this half term's personal best day was 'ball skills'. The children practised different ball skills and applied to it a range of sports.

The skills were: dribbling, bouncing, passing and kicking. They linked these skills with basketball, rugby, football, tennis and hockey. Each child was given a score out of 3 for their effort and skills and they all enjoyed the competition within their class and group!

The children enjoyed their session lots, and thank you to TMC for organising the day.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Year 5/6 Benchball Competition

On Friday afternoon two teams of Oakwood Y6 pupils took part in the Southampton School Games Benchball tournament. Benchball sounds easy and is played in great spirit, but during a competition it is frenetic, frantic and fantastic to watch!

Although the list of teams went down from 8 - 4 on the day of the competition, Team Oakwood were determined to do well.

Here were both teams' results:
Oak A 1 - 1 Bassett Green
Oak A 0 - 2 Valentine
Oak A 0 - 1 Oak B

Oak 0 - 2 Bassett Green
Oakwood B finished 4th

Oak B 1 - 1 Valentine
Oak B 1 - 0 Bassett
Oak B 1 - 0 Oak A

Oak B 1 - 2 Valentine
Oakwood B finished 2nd

The final between Oakwood and Valentine and was a brilliant match, and in both the final sets it went down to the final player from each team. Unfortunately for Oakwood B it was Valentine that snatched the victory.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Oakwood V Fairisle

Oakwood played their third league game of the schools' football league Autumn season at Fairisle Junior school this afternoon.

The Oakwood team battled to keep possession in what was tough tackling game. A brilliant solo goal game Fairisle a lead against the run of play and at half time the score was 0-1. In the second half Oakwood continued to try and attack but playing good football was very difficult. Fairisle grabbed a breakaway second before Leo hit the back of the net for Oakwood after smart work from a free kick on the left. The score however stayed at 1-2, Fairisle grabbing the 3 points.

Leo picked up the Man of the Match award for the second game running as he scored his first league goal of the season.

No pens day in year 2!

In year 2 we had a day without using our pencils and pens.

The children solved some maths challenges and investigations which linked to our Twisted Tales topic. The children were creative with how they worked their answers out and how they showed their answers.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Year 4 Visit Fishbourne Roman Palace

What a wonderful day we had a Fishbourne Roman Palace!

Year 4 Hug some Trees

We have been learning all about trees as symbols in our RE unit. We hugged some too!

Year 4 and The Romans

This half term Year 4 have been learning all about the Romans.  From having a Roman Hook Day, to setting up our own museum, dressing up and acting.

Y3 Light Laboratory

No Pens Day in Year 1

So much learning happened in Year 1 today even without pens and pencils!  

3NM Testwood Lakes Evacuation

Willow Class Perform 'I Looked Through my Window'

After reading 'I Looked Through my Window' by Michaela Morgan, Willow Class created their own version with different characters. 

Actions were then added to the story and the children learned it off by heart.

It was then performed to Cedar Class who were very impressed. I think you will be too.

Year 3 - First groups of Evacuees arrive at Testwood Lake.

How can we learn without writing?

Today in Year 5 we celebrated 'No Pens Day' highlighting to the us how many amazing ways there are to learn without writing ALL day. Our English lesson involved a warm up of Kung Fu punctuation, followed by us creating a verbal recount in groups of our trip to Sea City, on Monday. We had a success criteria to include time conjunctions, adjectives and to punctuate our sentences correctly using Kung Fu punctuation.

Our Maths lesson involved a Tangram problem solving challenge, creating the 7 pieces of a Tangram then using them to create the letters in our names.

We also read our reading books to each other in pairs and discussed several questions, to help us develop our understanding of the text. Finally, we learnt about the sinking events of the Titanic and created photo scenes of each stage that we are going to use next topic session to create a visual timeline of the sinking events.

What an action packed day and not a pen or pencil was lifted! Have a look at our photos to see all the activities we got up to!

Monday, 3 October 2016

What was to see at Sea City?

Today Year 5 had the opportunity to go to Sea City Museum. While we were there we took part in a workshop; had a guided tour and got to explore the museum ourselves. During the workshop we took part in the following activities: deciding who should get to go on the lifeboats, exploring artifacts similar to those that were on the Titanic, a science experiment about the physics to the sinking of the Titanic, using Morse code to send and decode messages and some of us even had the opportunity to dress up as crew and passengers from the Titanic!

Victorian Day Year 6

The bell rang and out stepped three scary Victorian teachers with an enormous class of 59 ruffians! We had drills, handwriting, dictation as well as reciting. It truly was a taste of school long ago. This afternoon was finished off with sewing, technical drawing and art. We think the children were glad to get their usual teachers back this afternoon!