Thursday, 28 February 2013

Trip to Tudor House

On Monday we travelled back 500 years to the house of a rich Tudor Merchant! We used real artefacts and replicas to find out how rich and poor Tudors dressed, ate and lived.

Myths Home Learning Project

At the end of last half-term, we were astonished by all the weird and wonderful beasts that came in to be displayed after weeks of hard work at home. Children shared stories, information texts, models and paintings to show off what they had learned!

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Jai Ho!

Year 4 have had the treat of a fantastic dance coach last half term. This is 4MM showing off their Indian dance routine, which they also performed in their class assembly.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Year 5 Biscuit Business Hook Day

Year five arrived back at school today to a rather tasty challenge for their Biscuit Business Hook Day!
Challenge one was to create a container for something special, using just one piece of sugar paper and some glue.

Challenge two was a little bit more tricky: the children were given three brand new deliciously tasting sweets and were asked to create a brand and advertise and design some packaging suitable for posting, before presenting their work to the rest of the class. Have a look at the pictures and see if you think our packages will make it through the post in one piece!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Myth Islands

Welcome to the Myth Islands!

These imaginative creations have developed from detailed ideas, to fully-formed 3-D papier-mâché worlds of adventure!

This half-term we have been exploring the monster-filled world of ancient mythology: writing myths, navigating islands using direction and co-ordinates, and feeding our monsters a healthy diet!

Thanks also to all parents for their support in the Home Learning Project!

Oakwood's New Logo

We have started a competition to design a new logo for the Oakwood Schools.

We will be able to use this so that everyone wears the same uniform from Reception to Year 6, and it will also be useful if we become a primary school.

Here are our current logos, and some ideas from other organisations, companies and schools called Oakwood throughout the world!

You can download the competition flyer here so you can think about your entry over half term!

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Introducing our February 'Club of the Month' Southampton Gymnastics Club

Our February club of the month started with a demonstration from a pair of Hampshire champions who are also one of the top gymnastic pairs in the country. Kieran and Frei showed us some of their best moves, which were quite simply astonishing.

Three coaches from Southampton Gymnastics Club; Keri, Karen and Kieran, then spent the day with us at Oakwood Junior School and worked with each of our nine classes - so a huge thank you to them! They shared their vast gymnastic coaching knowledge giving out many hints and tips to all children throughout the day.

Southampton Gymnastics Club is based in its own purpose built gym at Redbridge Community School and operates a large range of gymnastic opportunities for all children from tots to teens through to adults. They even host birthday parties! If your child enjoyed taking part in a their gymnastics session on Monday and would like to have another go, every child was given a free taster session letter (if they have lost this then the school office has a few spare). All you need to do is contact the club to arrange this. Or visit their website.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Primary Consultation: Update No1

During Southampton City Council's consultation to decide if Oakwood Infant and Junior Schools should become a primary school, we'll be publishing regular updates about what's happening.

The documents from the city council tend to be a bit wordy and legal - that's because it's a formal process and they have to get it right.

We'll give you key messages about dates, opportunities to comment and how we're working together with Oakwood Infant School. We'll do this in a clear, colourful, two-page format, which hopefully you'll want to read and tells you the headlines of what you need to know.

The pre-statutory consultation opened on 6 February, and so you can now read our first update flyer and the associated letter from the city council.