Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Oakwood 1 - 0 Holy Family

With the school football season now in full flow the school team had a chance to right the wrongs from the U11 Wide Lane league on Monday.

Playing against a strong Holy Family team Oakwood produced the perfect team performance. The win was however due largely to the excellent defending of both the defence and midfield.

Although the team did create several late chances the Holy Family goalkeeper kept the score to 1-0, Robbie stabbing home a great goal at the near post. For his all running and tackling Robbie also picked up the Man of the Match award.

Well done Oakwood. A maximum 6 points so far!

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Rights Respecting School Committee

Our Rights Respecting School committee met today and had lots to consider.

We started by thinking about how we respect rights in school, and where we see those rights - we thought of the School Charter, Class Charters, Playground Charters, displays... We also talked about how we can respect those rights everyday, by being kind and thoughtful to people around us.

This year, we will be focusing on the 'Global Goals'. We talked about what some of the goals mean for us, and how we sometimes take them for granted in our everyday lives.

The committee will be sharing the Global Goals introduction video with their classes, and next time, we will think about which goals we can campaign for!

First meeting of Reading Champions Committee (previously known as the Library Committee)

The Library Committee met for the first time today. Our first decision was to rename our committee 'The Reading Champions Committee'. We decided that we preferred this name because ultimately we wanted to champion a love of reading.

After getting to know one another with a game of 'Find someone who' (which involved finding out Mr Taylor's favourite author - do you know?) we talked about our ideas for the coming year. We decided we wanted to promote the library opening times; ensure that a range of genres - poetry and non fiction amongst others - are also read for pleasure with, and to, classes and visit other libraries to establish links and magpie some good ideas from them.

We finished with a couple of poems from a great poetry book in our terrific library. A productive first meeting!

Year 5 Sport for all at Oasis Academy

Yesterday Year 5 had an action packed day at Oasis Academy trying out some different sport activities. The activities were: trampolining, just dance and the fitness studio. On the trampoline we challenged ourselves to try different routines- even the teachers had a go!

Wide Lane U11 Football Tournament

Following the near success of the U10 team lat week, who reached the final, the U11 team were keen to do well.

And it got off to a great start as Oakwood put 4 goals past Bitterne Manor, but from there on in things didn't go Oakwood's way as the results trailed off. Despite playing well and dominating possession in several matches the team failed to score in the final four games, meaning the team exited at the group stage.

Oakwood 4 - 0 Bitterne Manor
Oakwood 0 - 1 St Monica
Oakwood 0 - 1 Abbotswood
Oakwood 2 - 0 Calmore
Oakwood 0 - 1 Ludlow
Oakwood 0 - 1 Valentine

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Dahlicious dress up day

To celebrate Dahlicious dress up day in Year 2, the children came to school dressed as different characters from Road Dahl's books. We were impressed by the effort the children (and grown ups!) went to with their costumes and props!

In PE the children created dances along to the music from the film's Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Enormous Crocodile and The BFG. We saw some scary Miss Trunchbull moves stomping around and some excited faces as the children entered the chocolate factory. 

Thursday, 24 September 2015

School Football Team kick off the new league season

The School Football team played their first game of the new season after school today. As defending league champions Team Oakwood had big boots to fill, but with lots of players who featured in the title winning team last year the boys made sure they got off to the right start.

Foundry Lane were the visiting team and showed that they would be no pushovers with some strong tackles in the opening minutes. However a goal in each half, the 1st from Sam and the 2nd an own goal ensured Oakwood bagged three points in the 2-1 victory.

Well done to school team debutants Ollie and Jola. But it was new team captain Reece who picked up the Man of the Match award.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Titanic exploring at Sea City

Today Year 5 went to Sea City to investigate the sinking of the Titanic. We participated in a discovery session and a workshop where we completed: a science experiment, learnt Morse code, looked at some Titanic artifacts and learnt about who went in the lifeboats.

 In the afternoon we then explored the museum, completing a question challenge set by our teachers. We learnt lots of new things about the Titanic and are looking forward to bringing these back to the classroom!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Wide Lane U10 Football Tournament

On Monday, 8 Y4 & Y5 children represented Oakwood in the Wide Lane U10 Football tournament. In some horrendous weather the team secured some excellent results as they made their way all the way to the final.

Hollybrook 0 - 1 Oakwood
Mt Pleasant 0 - 1 Oakwood
Bitterne Park 1 - 0 Oakwood
Townhill 0 - 2 Oakwood
Blackfield 0 - 2 Oakwood

Oakwood 2 - 0 Hollybrook

Holy Family 1 - 0 Oakwood

The team did fantastically well and conceded only 2 goals in their 7 games!

Well done!

Monday, 21 September 2015

Light Laboratory

Controlling light was of life or death importance during WW2, so in our Long Way From Home topic Y3 began to discuss our understanding of light and explore how light is changed by reflectors, filters, prisms.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Scooter training

This week all year 2 children took part in scooter training. The children had the opportunity to learn how to ride their scooter safely. They practised in the playground and were able to put their new skills into practise by scooting on the pavements around the school site.

The children now know what to do if they are on their scooter and they need to cross a road or they are obstructed by a person or dog along the pavement.

Well done to all children!

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Year 5 at The Boat Show!

Today Year 5 went to The Boat Show to take a look at the different boats. The Boat Show is part of Southampton's culture but also links in nicely with our current Titanic topic, allowing us to look at different types of boats and how they have changed.

We were very lucky with the weather, with clear blue skies and sunshine! Some of the day's activities were: a look around a pirate ship, a tall ship, a police boat and a Sunseeker cruiser. We also learnt about safety at sea with RNLI and looked at modern life rafts. This year there was also an Aquarium with a 'The Science of Coral Fluorescence' exhibition for us to look around. We also managed to get afloat on a canoe ride.

What an action packed fun day!

Y6 time travelers...visit Milestones

On Tuesday Y6 travelled back in time as they travelled to Milestones museum in Basingstoke.

Children explored everyday life for Victorian people, as well as taking part in a short Victorian school day. (I can still hear the scratching chalk boards now!) One group even went as far as to explore the everyday Victorian clothing, although I'm not sure some of them got the costumes right.

Armed with this new knowledge Y6 will now start their Victorian topic in earnest.

A big thank you to our extra helpers Mrs Vaudin and Mrs Byles.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

LKS2 Superstars-Working hard in Year 3 and 4!

What a TERRIFIC start to the school year by the Year 3 and 4 children. Not only have they created some crazy, colourful artwork to display in our shared area, but they re already hard at work learning about the rights of children; why children were evacuated during WW2; exploring Roman Britain; creating wanted posters for Robin Hood; using chrome books to help the with their place value in maths and even starting to learn how to jitterbug.

Take a look for yourselves:-

Great Display

Hard Workers

Exploring Year R

We have really enjoyed our first 2 weeks of school! We have been getting to know each other and have been exploring all the lovely activities in Year R.

Mmmmmm, lunch!

Year R have stayed for lunch this week and have done brilliantly! Children have been using lovely manners, getting their own cutlery or drinks and even having a go at cutting their own food! Wow! Children have had a great time eating with their friends and even their teachers!

Friday, 11 September 2015

Transition into Year 1

We have all had lots of fun exploring our new environment in Year 1. We have had to get used to some different routines but have coped amazingly.

We are all looking forward to the year ahead and the challenges that it presents.

Don't we look grown up!

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Y6 investigate events in History

Today Y6 have been exploring events in History and creating their own timelines. Using their previous knowledge and placing events in chronological order they had a super time showing off their skills! Our timelines looked fabulous!

Treasure Island

All children in Key Stage 1 and 2 had a theatrical treat from M&M productions today with a dramatic performance of Treasure Island.

Year 6 also had a chance to find out what goes on 'behind the scenes' with a special workshop.

Thank you, M&M, for another fantastic performance!

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Investigating materials

In science, Year 2 were investigating how solid materials can change by bending, squashing, twisting and stretching them. The children used cotton, plastic bags, blue-tack, felt and paper to carry out their investigation.

Check the blog in a few weeks for an update to find out why the children were testing how and why materials change shape! 

A clue for is linked with our superhero topic! 

Monday, 7 September 2015

Where was the Titanic travelling (before it sank)?

Today in Year 5 we put our geography knowledge to the test by plotting the intended route of the Titanic.
We used atlases to look at different continents, countries and cities around the world. Then we plotted the route the Titanic took on a map, including: where it was built (Belfast), where it set sail from (Southampton), its stops in France (Cherbourg) and Ireland (Queenstown) and its intended destination (before sinking) New York in America.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Wacky Racing in Y6

For their first week of Y6 the children were set the challenge to design and make a moving vehicle which could compete in the Friday 'Wacky Race'.

Children have had to build chassis, axles and circuits to power their machines, some have even gone as far as adding additional circuits for headlights.

Some of the challenges they have had to overcome have been rather tricky but all groups managed to have a vehicle on the start line when the countdown started.

What a great start to Y6!

The first one off the line:

The races:

Suck on the start line:

New Beech Class

This week Miss Gardiner was very lucky to visit some of the new Beech Class children at their homes to see what they enjoyed doing outside of school and today the children came in with their families to see what their new class will be like.
It is nearly time for the children to start school properly and we are all very excited to get going with our new topics.

Oak class come to visit!

Oak class children arrived today for their classroom drop-in visits with their families in tow! They were very excited to explore their new classrooms ready for their very first day of school on Monday! It has been really lovely visiting the children at their homes this week and allowed the staff to get to know the children. We are all ready and raring to go for Monday!

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Y3 Handwriting

Remembering how to form letters is not always easy after a six week break, so in Year 3 we found fun ways to practise our "Rocking Round" letter set: following the line and writing on each other's backs before we published our unique poems "This Is Me!".


Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Nautical fun in Year 5

Year 5's topic this half term is the Titanic, so today we got stuck straight in. We started by sharing our existing knowledge about the Titanic and what we would like to find out during the Topic. We then carried out a science experiment where we tried to make boats that would float and hold weight for the longest. We also got creative in the art studio creating some sea scene art work. Lots of fun was had and we are looking forward to learning more about the Titanic.