Friday, 8 February 2008

Mrs Vaudin's Big Day Out...

Mrs Vaudin had a very special day out on Friday.

You might not know this, but she has worked at Oakwood Junior School for 25 years!

This means that she knows you all very well, but also knows lots of your parents very well too, because they knew her when they were at school!

Southampton City Council gives a very special award and certificate to people who have worked in schools for 25 years and Mrs Vaudin got hers today from the Mayor at a special ceremony at the Civic Centre...

Remember to say Congratulations to her when you see her next!

Thank you for all your hard work, Mrs Vaudin!!

(PS She gets another one when she's worked at Oakwood for 40 years!!)

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Keeping Active...

We're really pleased to have been awarded Activemark for 2007.

Schools receive the mark if 90% or more of pupils across the school are doing at least 2 hours high quality PE and school sport a week

We also offer a very big range of after school sports clubs, so there are plenty of opportunities to get fit and stay fit at Oakwood!

(And that's not even mentioning all the walking we are doing at the moment!)