Tuesday, 31 January 2017

School Games - Badminton Week 3

This week was the final week for the girls' School Games Badminton League. The four Oakwood girls had one final game, a crunch match, against the also unbeaten Bitterne C of E. The winners of the 3 game match would be crowned champions.

Millie lost the opening game 7-9 in a back and forth encounter. This meant Oakwood needed to win both the remaining games to claim a victory. Zahra and Holly then took to the court and stormed to a 9-3 win. With the tie now poised at 1-1, all the pressure fell on Millie... She was fantastic! A 9-3 win clinched the match 2-1 and Oakwood girls were crowned City Champions in girls Badminton. Holding on the title won last year.
Well done girls!!!

Both the boys team were up against their respective league leaders. Oakwood A battled, but couldn't find enough for the win: losing 1-2. Alex (l) 7-9, Marcus (L) 7-9 amd Jack and Tom (W) 9-2.
Oakwood B fell to a 0-3 defeat against a strong Bitterne C of E. Jenson (L) 3-9, Nathaniel (L) 3-9 and Tymain and Lewis (L) 5-9.
Both boys teams now await to see if they will finish as first runners-up and progress to the semi-finals.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Year 4 Workshare

This afternoon Year 4 have been using Edward Tulane to help parents and themselves to up level their vocabulary. The children chose difficult vocabulary and researched the definition, synonym and antonym of the words. They then used these words to challenge their parents, we were all very impressed with their knowledge. Well done!

Year 3 Anglo Saxon Day

Friday, 27 January 2017

Times Table Raps

We were inspired by online maths raps, so we decided to write our own. Teach your friends, your parents or your dog!

Y1 Dragon Puppets

The children in Y1 have been learning about Chinese New Year and have made dragon puppets. They were practising their colouring, cutting and folding skills. Don't they look great!!

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Year 4 visit the River in Selbourne

Year 4 had a wonderful day today visiting the 'Gilbert White field study centre'. Their day consisited of two workshops (outside bbrrr). One was in and at the river, measuring, testing, checking and observing. The other in the woodland making a picture showing how a river is formed and works. What a wonderful day and a big thank you to Emily and Josh!

Shakespeare by Year 6

After a wonderful day at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre on Monday, we have practised our drama skills and created our own mini 'Globe' complete with productions!


Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Schools Badminton League Wk 2

Week 2 of the Schools Badminton League saw the Oakwood A team battle in vain against a very strong Springhill team, losing 1-2 after a thrilling 1st singles match which Oakwood had won.

Alex (w) 9 - 7
Jack and Tom (l) 4 - 9
Marcus (l) 4 - 9

They did fare a little better in their second match against Valentine, winning 2-1.

Alex (l) 4 - 9
Jack and Tom (w) 9 - 4
Marcus (w) 9 - 4

The 'B' team won their second game on the bounce, beating Ludlow 2-1.

Jenson (w) 9 - 3
Tymaine and Lewis (w) 9 - 4
Nathaniel (l) 5 - 9

The girls team triumphed 3-0 against Bassett Green. The girls now only have one match to play, against Bitterne where they will be going for gold!

Millie (w) 9 - 2
Hollie and Zahra (w) 9-7
Zahra (w) 9-2

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Y6 visit Shakespeare's Globe

Year 6 made the long trip up to London today to visit Shakespeare's Globe Theatre!

It was a fantastic day and the children really enjoyed visiting the capital city. Not only did they have their guided tour of the Globe theatre and workshop with the Globe's players (actors) they got to see some of London's most iconic landmarks: St Paul's Cathedral, Houses of Parliament, The Queen Elizabeth 2 Tower (with Big Ben), The Shard, The Millennium Bridge, MI6 headquarters, to name a few.

And a big thank you to all the staff who came along, and the parents for collecting when we returned in the dark!

Monday, 23 January 2017

Y4 Complete Their Boot Camp Training

This week Y4 have tried to strengthen their brains and level up their work. So today in P.E. we focused on strengthening our bodies and building up our fitness. They took part in 12 different exercises as well as a squat challenge.

Balance and control are the key to success!

In Year 5 one of of PE units this half term is Gymnastics. We have been working hard on balance and control of our bodies. This has involved us over the last few sessions: practicing static balances and positions, transferring balances to travelling (dynamic balances), maintaining posture and balancing on our entrances and landings to travelling and then applying these skills to using our apparatus.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Year 5 journey into Space

Year 5 had a great morning journeying through Space and exploring the constellations in the planetarium. We then had a chance to investigate other areas of science with some fantastic interactive exhibits.

Year 4 have a change of state

Year 4 have spent the day exploring evaporation and condensation. Have a look below at what we did.

Year 6 visit to RRS James Cook

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Y4 Question of Faith Day - Jesus Miracle Stories

On Friday Year 4 had a wonderful day with Southampton City Mission. The day was titled 'A question of Faith' and involved Matt and his team planning a wealth of fab activities based on Jesus' miracle stories. a The day began with true or false questions then a treasure hunt. The day continued with story telling, drama, blog writing and art. Huge thank you to City Mission and Matt!

School Games Badminton League

Oakwood sent 3 teams to the first week of the schools' badminton league after school on Tuesday and they started very well.

Oakwood A took on Ludlow B, winning 3-0. Here are their scores:
Alex (won) 9-3
Jack & Tom  (won) 9-5
Marcus  (won)

Oakwood Girls played against Springhill, winning 2-1. Here are their scores:
Millie P (Lost) 5-12
Zahra & Holly (won) 11-5
Millie T  (won) 16-4

Oakwood Boys B played against Bassett Green B, winning 3-0:
Jenson  (won) 19-5
Tymaine & Lewis  (won) 9-4
Nathaniel  (won) 14-4

Well done to everyone, and lets see how the teams get on next week.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Year 2 trip to Blue Reef Aquarium

Today Year 2 visited Blue Reef Aquarium in Portsmouth as part of their new topic 'Beyond the Sea'.

Not only did the children get to walk around the aquarium, look at all the amazing animals and read facts about them, they were also able to touch a spider crab and a starfish!

Did you know....?

  • A starfish has 5 eyes (one on the end of each leg) 
  • A starfish has 2 stomachs 
  • A crab's skeleton is on the outside of it's body
The children enjoyed the day and are now ready to start their new topic learning about animals and their habitats. 

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Year R and Year 6 buddies meet for the first time!

Year 4 Trust and Understanding Blindness

Yesterday afternoon Year 4 took part in a trust exercise. They lead a blindfolded partner around an assault course. We also learnt about Jesus and the miracle he performed when he healed a blind man.

Friday, 6 January 2017

Stick Man science

We have been busy investigating materials in Year 2 this week. We were given the task of finding a suitable material to make curtains for Stick Man's family tree house. We found out about natural and not natural materials and used scientific vocabulary to describe them.

Once we had tested the materials, we chose the most suitable and added it to the tree house we had designed for Stick Man and his family. Super science, Year 2!

Year R have been getting healthy this week

Y5 Electronic excitment

Today in Year 5 we have spent the morning looking at instructions in order to kick-start our instruction writing topic in English. We had the opportunity to look at instructions to learn how to use a device or play a game which we have not played before. We then evaluated how clear and successful the instructions were, and thought about what would change to make them better! Using all the information we have gathered we then identified what features you would find in good instructions and writing our first set of instructions ourselves.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Year 4 Learn all about the water cycle

Year 4 have spent the afternoon learning all about the water cycle. We even learned some new words 'molecule' and 'hydrosphere'.

Year 2 Stick man

Our first topic of the year is Stick Man and the children have been hunting for sticks to make their very own Stick Man, his Stick lady love and their three children.

Look back at the blog to see Stick Man's house....

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Y6 Sell out for their country...

Y6 children got to experience the highs and lows of the world trade business this morning, as they became traders for the day. Children were organised into countries ranging from the UK and USA to Kenya and Cambodia and then given a surprise supply of equipment and resources (depending on the status of their country). Countries then had to trade, barter, manufacture and sell to generate the maximum income for their country. Well done to team India! today's winners.

This afternoon children explored just how many countries there are in Europe. With the help of Atlases groups had to match countries, capital cities, country land masses and flags together. It was a huge task but there was some top drawer map and geography knowledge on show. Well done to team Cambodia who triumphed on this occasion.