Thursday, 28 April 2016

The Big Pedal

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Big Pedal this year. We had a huge number of children involved. Hopefully, they will continue to enjoy coming to school in an active way.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Y3/4 Tag Rugby

Anything Year 5/6 can do, Year 3/4 can do just as well! Well, when it's Tag Rugby anyway.

The team of 9 girls and boys have been waiting since well before Easter for their chance to shine, as their original competition was postponed by the rain. The team were keen to get under way quickly and the first game was a true test...Fairisle.

The team played exceptionally well and got better and better as they went through the tournament. They won all of their 6 matches and scored a great number of tries against some tough opposition!

Having beaten all other schools it meant that Oakwood topped the table and were crowned City Tag-Rugby Champions.

Well done to all the children, and to player of the tournament, Leo.

Year 4 Feeling Ecstatic about Electricity!

Today, Year 4 have been creating crazy hairstyles using balloons and static electricity as part of our Science. Choose your favourite hairstyle, but not Miss Patchett's.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Year R homework- Beech class

Here are the animals we visited at Marwell in sequence to help you with your maps for homework! Despite the chilly weather we all had a wonderful time and saw some amazing African animals!

Year R Homework- Oak class

Here are the animals we visited in sequence to help you make your own Marwell map for your homework! Despite the chilly weather we had a wonderful time and saw some amazing African animals!

Tomato Mummies

Mummification and the afterlife was an important part of the Egyptians life. Therefore this afternoon after in Year 5 we have been learning about the process of mummification, followed by some hands on mummification experience.

We first washed down the body (of the tomato). Then we made a small incision and removed the internal organs. Followed by the cleaning down and purification process (using hand gel). Next, we filled the body with natron (salts and bicarbonate of soda). The first stage of mummification is now complete and the bodies (tomatoes) are drying out ready to be wrapped and placed in the tomb, ready for their journey to the afterlife.

We had lots of messy fun, not sure we want to go back to the Ancient Egyptian times though!

Year 3 Explore Their Local Area

On Thursday our intrepid Y3 Explorers set out to have a look at their surrounding area. They followed the route on their map themselves. Visiting five different locations, the children compared the biodiversity, the transport and the housing of each area to see how things changed on our journey from our school location to the commercial centre of Lordshill.

Quiet-Reading Champion Committee at Work!

You could have heard a pin drop today in the KS2 half of Reading Champion Committee.

Today our time was spent exploring online resources available to support reading in the school. The resources have been highly recommended by other schools in the Federation, so we have decided to investigate. We looked at free resources and discussed what other activities might help us decide whether this was a resource that would help reading at Oakwood. We know the resource is quite an investment so we have decided to probe deeper. We have agreed to visit a school in the Federation and look at how the resource is used in school, at home and what teachers and children think. We will then decide whether we should have a free trial in the school to see if it will benefit the children at Oakwood-and whether it is cost efficient.

Friday, 22 April 2016

Oakwood V Foundry Lane

Oakwood played their final league game of the season after school yesterday. In the warm sunshine, and with our biggest crowd of the year, the Team Oakwood welcomed Foundry Lane football team.

The game was always going to be tight, and although it was Oakwood creating chances and pressing the Foundry Lane goal, it was the visitors who found the back of the net first. A chance falling to an unmarked striker who slotted the ball past Ollie the Oakwood 'keeper.

Oakwood continued to press and did find an equaliser through a long range bouncing strike from Reece.

The second half continued without much of a chance for either team due to some excellent defending; meaning the game finished 1-1.

Well done for another top defensive performance from Alan - our man of the match.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Year 2 Rocket Science!

Today our rocket science seeds were sown!

Year 2 at Oakwood are part of a national science experiment whereby we have two packets of rocket seeds, one packet has travelled to The International Space Station and back to Earth and the other packet has stayed on Earth. We will be growing the seeds over 35 days and we will be recording all of the results on a chart to find out how much the seeds have grown and how many leaves are produced.

The aim of this experiment is to find out if life could survive on another planet.

 We will update the blog to let you know the progress of the seeds.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Sewing Superstars in Year 3.

During the last half term Year 3 learned and practised lots of different sewing skills each week-from threading and knotting, following a pattern to consolidating basic sewing stitches. This week we have been expanding our repertoire of stitches, in order to produce a sewn piece of artwork. Not only did we learn the lazy daisy, chain, satin and french knot stitches, we also invented a few of our own.

For the artwork we decided to use our hands as templates and create unique hand prints using a variety of stitches. We felt this would represent our own uniqueness and represent how special each of is. We put our growth mind set to good use, persevered, problem solved when things didn't go quite to plan and produced sewn hand prints we are really proud of. Take a look:-

Egyptian extravaganza!

Yesterday to kick start our Egyptian topic Y5 spent the day exploring Egyptian culture. We found where Egypt is located, discussed what we already knew about the Ancient Egyptians, created our own Egyptian headdresses and baked flat breads. After lunch we had an Egyptian feast, taste testing our flat breads as well as other Egyptian foods.

Friday, 15 April 2016

Fun with forces in Year 5!

Year 5 kick started the summer term with some Science days. We have been busy learning and experimenting with different forces including: friction, air resistance, water resistance and gravity.

As part of this we designed and carried out a friction investigation. This allowed us to put our mathematical skills to the test as we had to create a table to collect our data and a graph to present our results. In addition, we had to answer several mathematical questions interpreting our data to find the answer.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Y6 still making time for YR

Although it's English, Maths, Maths, English in Year 6 in the build up to their KS2 SATs test the children have still found time to visit their Reception class buddies to help them with their reading.

Year 6 really look forward to their visits and are already looking forward to next week's visit.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Y3 Treasure Hunt

Today Year 3 developed their map reading skills by taking part in a treasure hunt around the school grounds. They related their location and landmarks to the map to find clues - then marked the position of markers on to the map itself! They showed excellent teamwork and used their growth mindset to persevere and locate every single clue. Well done Year 3.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Year 4 Oh What A Circus!

Today, the circus rolled into Year 4 with clowns, acrobats, lion tamers, strong  men and even some circus animals arriving to entertain their audience in the ring.  We learned about the history of the circus and then had a debate about the use of animals within a circus.  Finally, the afternoon was spent miming and performing their circus acts to each other.  We certainly have got some fantastic clowns in Year 4.