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Sunday, 28 April 2019

We Won! Go girls!

On Friday afternoon last week, some of our Year 5 and Year 6 girls took part in a 6 a side football tournament and WON! Mr Stanley, Mr Ship and Mr Woods from TMC very kindly took our team to Test Park to take part. Also, a huge thank you to the parents that came to support.

Friday, 26 April 2019

Thursday, 25 April 2019

Oakthorne Thursday PM

Cedar Class Scooter Training

Jenny from the SUSTRANS charity came to Year 1 on Wednesday to give the children some scooter training! They had a brilliant time! Unfortunately the bad weather meant that Willow Class were unable to complete their training. However, Jenny has kindly offered to come back in May to finish their scooter training!

Oakthorne Thursday a.m

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Y6 Pizza Making

Year 6 spent their morning in a 'cook along' to make their own pizzas. They enjoyed eating them this afternoon...some even lasted until the end of the day and were taken home for dinner! During the next few lessons, children will also be writing recipes and completing a range of maths problems linked to their pizzas!

Year 3 Home Mythical Creatures Home Learning Projects

Take a look at Year 3's brilliant mythical creatures home learning projects:-

Why Oakwood Plays by 5FL

5FL have worked very hard as a team to write, perform and film a poem all about why play matters to them. They looked at a wide variety poems to inspire them, studied how to perform poetry (thank you Michael Rosen!) and worked together to film their scenes. We think it has turned out great!

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Fantastic fables

4JH and Willow class had a lovely start to the summer term together. Last term Year 4 decided they wanted to write their fables for Y1 and today we had the chance to share them with each other.

Friday, 5 April 2019

Fabulous Friday at Minstead!

We rounded off a fantastic week by using our map reading skills to find hidden clues around the Minstead site. Our little sleuths did a fantastic job of uncovering the answers to the treasure hunt. After  the brain workout, the children exercised their voices merrily singing their way way around the Minstead Maze. At the end of the morning, all the children earned their final and most important bead - gold, awarded for team work. What a fantastic couple of days the children have had!

Wet welly fun at Minstead on Thursday!

The children had a wonderfully wet day at Minstead on Thursday. They learned all about caring for Minstead's animal residents and how to create a sustainable farming future for our planet. They also explored rivers by studying maps and creating their own. The children tested how waterproof their wellies were by conducting some scientific recording in Minstead's river itself!

We finished the day off by telling stories and sharing jokes in the roundhouse by the campfire. A brilliant day!

Elm Class sharing poems with 3LD

This morning Elm Class took their dragon poems to read to 3LD. It was great to see so many children sharing their writing with pride. A huge thank you to 3LD for being fantastic partners, listening carefully and giving very positive feedback.

Year R's hot cross bun cookies

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Writing in Y6

A small group of Y6 children have been busy after school as part of a writing group. They have produced some fantastic pieces of work which we would like to share with you!

Scooter training in Year 2

Year 2 were lucky enough to have some expert advice about keeping safe while riding a scooter.

They were given top tips about emergency stops and had the opportunity to practise them.

Thank you to Jenny Babey our Bike it Officer, the children had a fantastic time.

Elm Class Catapults

Elm class have been very busy working in teams to build catapults out of lolly sticks and elastic bands. Their next task as a team was to build a castle out of straws and plasticine. It was rally tricky but they didn't give up! The final task was to invade another team's castle using their catapult. Take a look at the video to see how we got on.... watch out for low flying counters!

Year 6 go high tech

Year 6 have gone high-tech in their revision during the last few weeks. They have used Crumble coding to create their own interactive quiz game. They have programmed a question selection system and written piles of testing questions to quiz their friends.

Elm Class Clay Coat of Arms

Year 2 have been working with clay to make their very own coat of arms. They had to think about how to decorate it, choosing things that mean a lot to them. We had lots of different ideas from football to computers, basketball to family.

Take a look at the finished coat of arms that were created. 

Oakstead goes to Marwell

Yesterday, the children of Oakstead paid a visit to Marwell Zoo to meet the different animals there and learn about their different habitats.

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Year 5 Careers Day

Last week Year 5 had an absolutely brilliant day learning all about 'Careers' and what it's like to have a 'job'. Thanks so much to Mr Eaves and his team at RYA and to Mr Crook from Testlands for presenting to year 5.

And the winners are ...

Can't believe our wonderful Jude's ice-cream is now over. And the winners are ... Frozen Fever!! Congratulations to them and all of our wonderful Year 5's. They have worked so hard and we are really proud of them. Thanks to Jude, Jack and Theo for this amazing opportunity.

Minstead 2019 Day 2

Hello All! A fabulous second day from everyone here at Minstead. Today the children got up close with the Minstead chickens and sheep. As well as doing some stream investigating. This afternoon in the sunshine the children all made a clay (straight from the ground) animal, which were really lovely. We ended our day with songs, jokes and stories round the campfire in the round house.

Clay shields in Year 2

The children designed and made a shield out of clay.

Each design was personal to them just like a real knight would have.

Maple Class Home Learning

The Home Learning activities displayed by Maple were very impressive, following a topic on castles.

Some children had researched a castle while others created their own castle out of boxes, lego and even cake!

All of the projects had taken a lot of time and effort. Well done!

The children are now experts on Castle designs.

Cedar Class Assembly

This half term Y1 have been learning about the different continents around the world. They put on a performance for their friends and family to see all of the wonderful things they have been doing.

Cedar Class Testwood Lakes

Cedar class went on a trip to Testwood Lakes last half term. The children were taking part in activities linked to their English and Science. The story of The Three Little Pigs took the children on a magical journey to investigate different materials to build protective houses for the pigs. We looked at straw, hay, sticks, stones and clay. The children also took part in a 'waste free lunch' competition to see which class had the least amount of rubbish in their lunches. Cedar class had 10g per person which was amazing!

Elm Class Home Learning Projects

Elm Class have been working hard on their home learning projects this half term. They were asked to create their own castle or research real castles.

It was so great to see all the original home learning projects, which have taken a lot of time and effort.

We had: cake castles, pop-up castle books, posters about visits to castles and many more!

Well done Elm Class!

Year 1 Fruit Pizzas

Year 1 have been looking at fruits around the world. They have also been reading a story called 'Handa's Surprise' that talks about 7 fruits from Africa. Inspired by this the children created fruit pizzas using some of the fruit from Handa's Surprise.

Minstead 2019 Day 1

Good morning all! We had a wonderful first day yesterday out in the warm sunshine and the beautiful forest. We tried out the wonderful bog with bare feet!! Walked a looonnng way. We received our badges and two of our beads and also played games in the evening. Also we enjoyed a story around the campfire which was a lovely end to the day. Today we are learning all about the creatures that live here and going for a dip in the stream later on. Look out for our next blog later tonight.

Monday, 1 April 2019

Beech Class Spring 'Stay and Play'

Elm Class Outdoor Reading

Elm class were making the most of the sunshine on Friday afternoon by sharing a story in the garden with a friend.

It was lovely to see so much enjoyment for reading.

Fingers crossed we will have more sunshine this week!