Friday, 17 February 2017

Fun-filled Friday

Oakstead have had a busy final day working hard to show we can earn our gold teamwork bead. This morning we worked as teams to compete in a quiz testing our knowledge of all our Oakstead activities. As part of our quiz we had to watch a video really closely and then answer questions about it. After break we worked as teams to create 3D human pictures of animals we had seen at the zoo.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Furzey Thursday!

Today we were lucky with some beautiful sunshine here at Minstead. We started the day willow weaving to make dream catchers. We then had a walk up to the beautiful Furzey Gardens fairy hunting. Followed by a sing song, joke telling and putting our clay hearts into the fire. What a fantastic last evening full of memories.

When Oakstead went to the woods today...

Today has been another busy day at Oakstead. This morning we headed into the woods for a muddy walk. On our way we collected natural resources for our afternoon activity. We made it back in time to catch up with what our friends are getting up to down at Minstead. In the afternoon we were set a challenge to use the things we had created on our walk and turn them into an animal scene, inspired by the animals we had seen at Marwell. Another busy day: 1 more day to go!

Fairy tale Homework by Willow Class

Willow Class have created some fantastic homework inspired by all the fairy tales we have been reading in class.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Wet Wednesday!

This morning we swapped activities so both groups have now completed Muck Movers and met Baaaabra and Benji (the sheep). Then this afternoon we have been on a walk up to the famous bog, where our wellies and toes got really muddy. We then came back for a good clean up before our lantern procession to try and look at the stars this evening.

Year 4 River Art

Year 4 have produced some fabulous art based on river perspective.

3LD Class Assembly

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Terrific Tuesday!

Although there were a few tired faces around this morning (including the adults). Today has been another action packed day at Minstead, Woolly Workers, Muck Movers and a lovely visit to Minstead village, followed by the church.

Cedar class Assembly

Cedar class really enjoyed performing their assembly where they acted out the story of The Jolly Postman or other people's letters by Janet and Allan Ahlberg.

Our Postman scooted around the stage and delivered letters to many characters found in traditional tales which were read out by some of the children.

The children also sung and danced along to a favourite song "Reach for the Stars" by S club 7.

Well done Cedar class!!!

Oakstead's animal adventure

Today the children at Oakstead have had a busy day exploring Marwell Zoo, learning about all the different animals and their habitats. We had the chance to meet a range of animals across the zoo, including giraffes; a baby pygmy hippo and Ralph the wetsuit-wearing penguin. What an exciting day!

Personal best day

The focus this half term was balance! The children had different activities to do on each of the 5 stations but on each station there were challenges. All children tried their best and worked hard to get through as many challenges as they could.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Muddy Monday!

What a day!

Our day has been action packed with lots of fun and mud. We arrived at Minstead, quickly unpacked and then departed on a long walk. We stopped for lunch on the way, where we joined briefly by a group of donkeys. We had lots of fun learning all about the New Forest and this evening we had a lovely end to the day, with a visit to the round house for a fire.

All children are now de-mudded, sat on beanbags with a hot chocolate ready for bed!

Friday, 10 February 2017

KS2 Sport 4 All

This half term's KS2 Sport 4 All activity has been a big 'hit' with the KS2 children...

They have all had an hours session of table tennis!

With some adaptable table tennis equipment and some table re-organisation, all KS2 classes were able to have a go at table tennis. If your child enjoyed their table tennis session and would like to play more, then why not sign them up for our after-school table tennis club.

Superb Storytelling

To help our instruction writing this term Year 5 learned a instructions text by heart, to help us with the features and structure of our writing.
See us in action below!

Federation Fitness Festival

Each year Oakwood attends a number of sports events run for schools in the Redbridge and Lorshill Federation. Today, 10 Y6 children represented Oakwood in the Federation Fitness festival.

They completed a range of fitness activities test all sorts of different fitnesses and did very well. The team finished in 3rd place, missing out on 2nd/1st by just a small margin.

Well done girls/boys for keeping going in the cold weather (Mrs Wheeler informs me there was even snow at one point!).

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Super Space Projects

Year 5's topic this half term has been 'Up, Up and Away', where we have been learning all about space and our Solar System. Year 5's homework this term was a 4 week project which was a great opportunity for pupils to get creative and present their learning and research in a variety of ways. Take a look at all the SUPER space work they produced and it on show on our Home Learning Exhibition.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

School Football team v Valentine Primary

The school football team welcomed Valentine Primary School for their City Cup quarter final today.

The team have not played together since late October but they quickly gelled again. During the first half the defence ruled, quickly snuffing out Valentine attacks. Valentine, however, looked shaky at the back and some quick pressing by Oakwood resulted in a number of shots from distance.

The second half saw Oakwood push forward more and they were rewarded for their efforts as Jack glanced a header home from a Jenson corner. As Valentine threw players forward to try and find an equaliser Oakwood then scored the important second goal. Jack scoring again to round of a fast counter attack.

Well done to two goal hero Jack and to Man of the Match, debutante Sonny.

The team now progress to the Semi-final.

Alien invasion in Year 5

This term as part of our Up, Up and Away topic Year 5 have been busy designing and creating clay aliens. First we created fact files all about our aliens, then we created designs in our sketchbooks before modelling them from clay and painting them. We combined our 3D alien modelling skills and our 2D art skills to create our space environments. We also used our instruction writing skills to write instructions on how to capture our aliens.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Elm Class' assembly

Well done to Elm class who did a fantastic performance in their class assembly. They enjoyed sharing the things that they had learnt in their topic 'Beyond the Sea', they even sung a song called 'Living under the sea' with some lovely dance moves.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Year 1 Shoebox Theatres

The children in Year 1 have designed and made their own shoebox theatre based on a traditional tale of their choice. Once made the children enjoyed performing their show to their friends.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Fun with French

A little bit of French:

Over the last couple of weeks Oakwood children have been lucky enough to have a very special visitor: Lucia DiMaiolo.

Lucia studies languages at university and spent several months studying in France, so not only is she fluent in speaking French, her accent is also authentic.

She came in to help with written french and talk to Year 6 and Year 5 (featured below) about her favourite subjects, what it is like to live in France and her favourite / tasting experiences, which include frogs legs, Croque monsieur and dare I say it...McDo, an affectionate french term for MacDonalds.

On that note, you can also see some of the delicious sandwiches designed by Year 4.

In case you're interested, here is a croque monsieur recipe to try at home :

Year 3 Question of Faith Day


Thursday, 2 February 2017

Anglo-Saxon Feasting!

Year 3 prepare, cook and feast on Anglo-Saxon pottage!