Monday, 13 February 2017

Muddy Monday!

What a day!

Our day has been action packed with lots of fun and mud. We arrived at Minstead, quickly unpacked and then departed on a long walk. We stopped for lunch on the way, where we joined briefly by a group of donkeys. We had lots of fun learning all about the New Forest and this evening we had a lovely end to the day, with a visit to the round house for a fire.

All children are now de-mudded, sat on beanbags with a hot chocolate ready for bed!


Debbie Watson said...

Thank you for the first days nsight. So glad the sun shone for your arrival and that the mud and ditch were welly height!

Hayley Gage said...

Loved watching this, what great fun all the kids look like they are having. So proud of Darcie this is a big achievement walking in the forest and having such a great adventure with her friends and teachers. Looking forward to the next blog for Minstead.