Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Y5 Prayer Day

Do you recognise this famous prayer?

Our Dad from above,
you're epic!
Stop the wars and bring world peace.
Do what you want on Earth,
to make it like Heaven.
Sort out our daily brunch today.
Forgive us for our naughtiness,
as we forgive other people for their mistakes.
Lead us not into mischief,
and keep us out of trouble.
You're awesome!

Peace out.

(Words by Flo, Naomi and Gabe)

As well as modernising the Lord's Prayer. Year 5 have been learning about why Christians pray, and different types of prayer through crazy games and challenges with Chris and his wacky team from Southampton City Mission!

1 comment:

Elaine Vaudin said...

Interesting takee on the Lord's Prayer and very "down with the gang"! Think it might go down well in church next week if I say it?