Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Year 5's Boat Show Trip

We traveled there on a double decker bus, lots of children were up the top of the bus. Our day at the Boat Show was fabulous apart from the miserable weather in the morning. First we into a massive tent with lots of different boating stalls including the RNLI. Suddenly, we saw a tall man who could make nearly anything out of balloons! Then we noticed the incredible Sunseekers up the tall stairs. The most expensive boat was a Sunseeker at £2,272,000. Then we went down to the marina (boats on water) were we saw lots of boats including a pirate ship called Phoenix.  Then we saw a real Royal Navy ship called the Severn and its number P282. But first we went on Phoenix and look around we found out that they had bags made out of leather and they had cabins bellow the deck. The Captain stood just below the crows nest on the ship. Then we went to the police boat and saw the blue and yellow squares on the side. Then we went onto the HMS Severn. HMS stands for ‘her majesty's ship’. We saw real rifles, pistols and over types of guns. After we went back to the coach and traveled to school. We had a great day!

By Amelia and Jessica

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