Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Jude's den

Forget the dragon's den, this afternoon Year 5 have been putting all their hard work into action and have pitched their ice cream businesses to Jude and Aiden (from Jude's ice cream). Year 5 worked in groups of 4 or 5. They had to: design the product; undertake market research and create a market research report; design a logo and packaging; research charities to donate the profits to and create a persuasive charity speech; create a board to inform Jude all about their business; create a presentation and finally pitch all of this to Jude and Aiden. It was a tough decision to decide between the groups (the teachers are glad they didn't have to decide) but the winners of the Oakwood Jude's challenge 2017 are.... Summer Delight!

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Debbie Watson said...

It truly has been an inspirational project and captured the children's enthusiasm and interest. Thank you Jude's and Oakwood for giving them the experience. Congratulations Summer Delight ...... and a great charity nomination too.