Friday, 6 June 2014

Our June Club of the Month

Yesterday KS2's June Club of the Month was simply sensational. With teachers having successfully completed a rain dance to keep the wet stuff at bay, all 240 KS2 children were able to walk to the Outdoor Sports Centre to take part in the Active Nation TRYathlon.
With over 20 different sports clubs and activities on offer, each child only had time to take part in about half of those on offer.

Not only did every Oakwood pupil at the Sports Centre take part in a range of fantastic sports, but they took part in the Commonwealth Games Batons journey around the world. The Baton has already been to 66 countries around the world and Southampton is one of only 16 cities in the UK which the Baton will visit.

If you were watching BBC South Today or Meridian News at 6:00 then you will even have seen what some pupils had to say!
Friday's Daily Echo also had lots of Oakwood Children in.

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