Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Science in Year R

Last week Year R had a very sciency week.

We learned about how water can change things, using skittles and felt tip pens to see how the colours change and mix.

We then used our detective skills to go under the sea and work out which colour scales would be best for the rainbow fish to have deep in the ocean, as well as investigating prisms and coloured plastic to see what happens when the light shined through them.

Outside we made predictions about capacity and recorded our results and worked out what happened when we added pressure to the water inside the containers. We may have got ourselves a little bit wet in the process!

Finally, we had a visitor at the end of our week to kick off our final 'Watery World' topic. We learned about the turtles and how to feed them. The We loved observing them throughout the day.

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