Saturday, 14 February 2009

Beastly Battles and Brutal Beasts!!

What an exciting and productive term Year 3 have had!

It all started back in January with I'm a Celebrity day. The children proved what a great team they were by working brilliantly together in several different team challenges - including the dreaded feely boxes!!

Our myth work began with a visit to the Southampton City Art Gallery, where we studied the very impressive Perseus paintings by Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones. Inspired by these marvellous pieces of art work the children then used collage to create their own magical myth monsters.

Throughout the term the children read and watched several different quest myths to inspire their own work. In science the children learned all about habitats and adaptation. They then created beautiful scientific fact files for their own mythical creatures. They also consolidated their work on materials, by designing protective clothing for their hero, using their science vocabulary to explain what materials were used and why. In ICT children created games to help Theseus find his way to the centre of the labyrinth. They learnt how to hyperlink slides to create different routes within their shows. BEWARE of choosing the wrong way you might come to a deadly end!!!

Our topic work culminated in the production of MAGICAL MYTH BOXES.

All term children have been writing a complete quest myth of their own. From battling three-headed serpents, crossing over seas of fire and rescuing loved ones from sticky situations, the stories produced were truly terrific. The children presented the best copy of their stories as story cubes which opened to reveal a 3D model. The children worked extremely hard and impressed everyone who visited the exhibition on the last day.

Well Done Year 3!!

Keep up the good work next term!

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