Thursday, 12 February 2009

Fire Fairies meet their fate!

Another crisp, dry day and we have all now completed our eggy/watery/mucky activities. We now only have 2 more beads to earn before we come home!

We had a busy afternoon completing the "Minstead Map of Mystery". As well as giving us an opportunity to practise our teamwork skills in order to find the letters to make the mystery phrase, it also gave us yet another chance to get muddy!

After cleaning up, we made some colourful bandanas to wear at our bonfire. We chose some of our favourite activities from the week and made motifs to create a pattern.

This evening, we wrapped up the warmest yet - some of us could count 5 layers! Then, well insulated and carrying our Fire Fairies, we trod through the darkness to our bonfire. We sang some unusual campfire songs - Mamma Mia included! - told some jokes and heard some stories. Finally, we said goodbye to our Fire Fairies and sent them to their flickering fate.

None of us can really believe how quickly this week has passed! A sure sign that a good time has been had by all!

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