Thursday, 6 October 2011

Governors’ Stupendous Day!

We had a wonderful time when we visited school last week. Sadly we missed Year 6 who were at Oasis Academy for the day, but we saw lots of exciting learning – Wow words, Reading Roundabouts, tables and spelling logs.

This was Ann Crocker’s first visit to the school since becoming a governor – “I was bowled over by how happy and confident the children are. The teachers welcomed us into their classrooms and it was a pleasure to watch them at work. I had a school dinner which was a lot nicer than when I was at school! A thoroughly enjoyable day and I am really looking forward to the next one.”

It was also Julie Yeo’s first visit as a parent governor. She enjoyed hearing from Mrs Worley about the new after-school clubs.

Jackie Kerwood spent time with Year 5 finding out about their Titanic project. “All of the children were eager to tell me about the Titanic survivor they had chosen to research, everything from 1st class royalty to men who had been working the engine room.”

We ended the day by discussing with Mr Taylor and Mrs Whitmarsh how we can all work together to make Oakwood Junior School even better.

Thank you to all of you for a stupendous day.

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