Saturday, 1 October 2011

A Mexican Adventure!

Some old friends of the school have just arrived in Mexico!

Lucy (an ex pupil of the school) and her Mum and Dad have gone out to live in Mexico for a few years.

They went to Mexico a few yeas ago when Lucy's Mum, Hilary, worked for the school as a teaching assistant. They took SAM with them, and you can read about the good work they did while they were out there.

SAM and Lucy, looking a bit younger than they are now, with their Mexican friends.

This time, they have gone to do more work with the same charity, and have offered to keep everyone in the school up-to-date with what they achieve.

Many of the children and families in the poorer parts of Mexico City don't have access to clean running water, let alone a school to go to, and they make their living by foraging on the city's rubbish dumps.

We are looking forward to hearing how the Hamilton family settle in, about Lucy's new school and how it's different to Oakwood and about all the work they will be doing for the charity.

Good luck, Lucy, Hilary and Aaron!

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