Monday, 3 October 2011

Keeping Safe from Fire...

We had a very important visitor in assembly this morning, with a very important message.

Firefighter Simon Packer came into school from Redbridge Fire Station to tell us all how to...

  • keep ourselves safe
  • keep our friends and families safe
  • keep our homes and schools safe
  • keep firefighters safe

He reminded us that only adults should deal with anything to do with fire, such as barbecues and fireworks.

He told us some important information about last year:
  • There were 727,200 emergency call outs
  • There were nearly 50,00 house fires - which some of which injured or killed people
  • Over 280 firefighters were hurt putting out fires, rescuing and protecting people.
He reminded us that in a real emergency, we can dial 999 to call out the fire brigade, or any of the emergency services, but that we must never phone pretending there is an emergency because it could put people in danger.

Thanks, Simon!

Here's a link to the firework code for Bonfire Night!

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